Michael Palin: “I am glad to be alive each morning, you get an easier ride after 75”

“With Graham, that was a terrific loss as Graham was only 48 and, dear old Gray, worked himself quite hard and drank and smoked a lot. He had given all that up and was just approaching middle age, when he was wise and loving and funny, and then it sudd­enly catches up with him, the […]

100% adoption of electric ride-hailing cars in India by 2030 can cut 12 million tons of CO2 emissions a year: Report

WBCSD).The report titled ‘Advancing electrification of ride-hailing in India’ highlights key learnings and practical steps for businesses to adopt and scale electric fleets.“This decade is crucial for electrification of mobility in India. A slow transition would mean tens of millions of additional combustion engine vehicles on Indian roads. WBCSD is working with businesses in India […]

Offering safe rides amid pandemic

Yandex Taxi was founded by Yandex NV, a Russian internet conglomerate. In February 2018, Yandex Taxi merged with Uber in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan, to create a new private company called MLU BV, which is registered in the Netherlands, according to Yandex’s website.

Coronavirus ‘hasn’t gone away’: Deputy Chief Medical officer warns Britain faces ‘a bumpy ride over the next few months’ if Britons don’t social distance despite Matt Hancock saying cases are NOT out of control

Even though case numbers are high, the percentage of people testing positive for the disease is still dramatically lower than it was at the peak of the crisis. For this reason, experts say figures should not be compared to the height of the outbreak because so many more tests are being done now in comparison.

ONGC Apprentice Recruitment 2020: List of selected candidates released, check it here

“The selected candidates, shortlisted by the Selection Committee, will be called for verification of documents and joining at the work centre at a later date, as soon as the pandemic of COVID – 19 situation improves via registered mail,” reads the official notice.

Brigitte Nielsen, 57, catches the eye in a bright pink top as she enjoys a bike ride with daughter Frida, 2, and husband Mattia Dessi

‘It is devastating,’ she added. The partner you’re with has to be onboard as much as you, unless you’re a woman who wants to have a baby on your own. You have to stay realistic and, if you’re older, the odds are against you.’

Missouri duck boat captain on tragic ride that killed 17 is set to have charges against him DROPPED because the lake is not covered by federal maritime law

Church deacon Steve Smith (left) and his recently baptized 15-year-old son Lance (pictured in last known photo of him, right) were among those killed. Steve’s daughter Loren was taken to hospital, but survived

Tourists can now opt for helicopter ride in Coimbatore

With changing norms in tourism industry because of the pandemic, many people want private tourism. They want safe solutions. The helicopter has a separate, safe air-conditioned passenger cabin and the entire travel is contact-less for the customer. The services offered include executive travel, film shoots, wedding photography, celebration of special occasions, corporate promotion and product […]

Uber says it will offer rides only in electric vehicles in US, Europe by 2030

Uber is expanding a feature that allows users to request a ride in an electric vehicle. Uber says the option is available in 37 European cities already and will be in 60 global markets by year’s end, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Denver, Seattle and Toronto.

Uber Says It Will Offer US Rides Only In Electric Vehicles By 2030

The San Francisco-based company’s announcement related to the climate crisis came as it also released a report that acknowledged its vehicles are less climate efficient than the average vehicle. Uber said the carbon intensity, which it defines as the emissions resulting from every passenger mile, of its rides are 41% higher than an average-occupancy vehicle.