First hosepipe ban in eight years is threatened as homes are left without water after lockdown demand and 96F heatwave temperatures heaped ‘strain on the system’

‘Our water technicians have been working round the clock to produce this extra drinking quality water needed – the equivalent of filling to the brim almost half a million baths – but with this record amount of water being used daily it is getting harder to keep up.

What will it take for cities to get rid of natural gas?

That means that gas stoves will need to be replaced by electric or induction stoves, gas water heaters will be replaced by electric water heaters, and furnaces that run on natural gas will likely be replaced by heat pumps, which make use of the constant heat underground to transfer heat inside when it’s cold (in […]

Let it flow: Trump Administration eases showerhead rules

Since 1992, federal law has dictated that new showerheads shouldn’t pour more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute (9.5 liters). As newer shower fixtures came out with multiple nozzles, the Obama administration defined the showerhead restrictions to apply to what comes out in total. So if there are four nozzles, no more than 2.5 […]

Here’s An Excerpt From The Dystopian Cli-Fi “The New Wilderness.” Read Along With The BuzzFeed Book Club.

With the children across, the adults formed a chain over the river and passed the heavy and cumbersome items across, the Manual, the Cast Iron, the Book Bag, the garbage, the bedding, the disassembled smoker, the food pouches, the wooden bowls and slabs of utensils, then all the individual packs, one item after the other, […]

Colombia arrests Florida men accused of selling fake COVID cure that allegedly killed 7 people

The FDA said in a news release last August that “ingesting these products is the same as drinking bleach. Consumers should not use these products, and parents should not give these products to their children for any reason.” The FDA has not approved the solution for any health-related uses.

‘A Massive Mistake’: Environmental Groups Say Discharge From Mariner East Pipeline Threatening Popular Chester County Lake

“I see everybody paddleboarding, I’m like, ‘Awesome, I’ll paddleboard.’ Then I heard there’s an interview and I’m like maybe not so awesome, I think I’ll go into the kayak,” Malvern resident Megan Reese said.

Willie Nelson and Paul Simon rail against controversial Texas pipeline

The duo – who both live in the Hill Country – penned the letter to the Houston Chronicle urging the public to speak out about Kinder Morgan’s Permian Highway Pipeline, which is currently about 65 percent done. It will span from southwest of Houston to the Waha Oil Field in West Texas.

UK weather tomorrow – Two months’ rain could fall in four hours as Met Office issues storm warnings for next FIVE DAYS

The Met Office has issued a yellow storm warning for all of England and the eastern half of Scotland, with a more serious amber warning pertaining to eastern Scotland between Edinburgh, Inverness and Aberdeen.

Coonoor Heritage Gallery showcasing the history and development of Coonoor opened

Many buildings that still stand today are testimony to history, says K Balu, Municipal Commissioner, Coonoor. For example, the first traveller’s bungalow is where the Magistrate Court functions today. He adds, “The gallery informs the public about modern settlements, historical milestones and heritage structures. We want to inspire the younger generation to protect and preserve […]