From Banana To Milk, Ginger To Water: Foods That Help Get Rid Of Headaches Quickly

18. Cantaloupe Suppose low blood sugar is the reason for your headache. In that case, the magnesium in cantaloupe will help maintain the balance of your sugar level and give you instant relief [25]. Eat a bowl of this water-rich fruit for some immediate relief.

You’ve Been Trumped Too review – Scottish widow defies future president

The first film, You’ve Been Trumped in 2012, was about Trump’s breathtaking arrogance in attempting to vandalise a beautiful coastline near Aberdeen to build a golf resort, making all sorts of bland promises on job creation (the sort that he made to US citizens before the presidential election) and finding that the Scottish political establishment […]

Brandy Remains a True Rarity

This year, the singer known as the “vocal Bible” steps out from under the dark clouds that long plagued her career. This month’s B7 is a reintroduction, Brandy’s finest work in well over a decade. Working with the late Daniels and New Jersey writer and producer Darhyl “DJ” Camper, Jr. (Big Sean’s “Guap,” Mary J. […]

What will it take for cities to get rid of natural gas?

The more comprehensively the shift can happen, the more it can make cities safer. Around a quarter of gas mains are more than 50 years old. In New York City, a gas main that broke in Harlem in 2014, blowing up half a block of buildings and killing eight people, had been installed in 1887. […]

Strive to meet deadline on Polavaram, Jagan tells officials

He has also insisted that the officials should arrange for negotiations with their counterparts in Odisha to resolve the inter-State disputes over Neradi barrage and Jhanjhavati projects, while he wrote a letter to the Odisha Chief Minister for one-on-one deliberations.


Jason Statham plays a villain who gets out of prison with a grudge and a secret. He’s done seven years in solitary for someone else’s naughtiness. But in the joint he has discovered an occult mathematical formula-system for conning people at the blackjack table, and uses the consequent riches to square up to his enemy: […]

Too hot to sleep? These airy bamboo pyjamas keep sweaty sleepers cool and comfortable through the night

Available in black, blue and grey and in sizes S to XXL, the strappy top and short set from Sleepytime is soft and stretchy to keep you comfortable. However, some customers do note that the pyjama set runs small and recommend sizing up for the perfect fit.

Tech Mahindra launches solution for workforce and community safety against COVID-19

Tech Mahindra, has launched Mhealthy, a solution to enable workforce and community safety against COVID-19. Mhealthy is a solution that uses technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable data driven digital diagnostics. Tech Mahindra has rolled-out phase-wise screening starting with third-party vendors across its India offices and plans to extend the benefits to […]

It’s Time to Upgrade These Kitchen Appliances. Thankfully, They’re On Sale

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‘Thunder fever’ warning as storms mix with pollen bomb threatening to trigger deadly asthma attacks for millions

Keep doors and windows closed when at home and overnight Most pollen is released in the mornings and tends to fall to ground level in the evenings Wear sunglasses to stop the pollen getting into your eyes Avoid drying your clothes outside when pollen levels are high. If you do, shake the items before bringing […]