First hosepipe ban in eight years is threatened as homes are left without water after lockdown demand and 96F heatwave temperatures heaped ‘strain on the system’

‘Our water technicians have been working round the clock to produce this extra drinking quality water needed – the equivalent of filling to the brim almost half a million baths – but with this record amount of water being used daily it is getting harder to keep up.

What will it take for cities to get rid of natural gas?

The more comprehensively the shift can happen, the more it can make cities safer. Around a quarter of gas mains are more than 50 years old. In New York City, a gas main that broke in Harlem in 2014, blowing up half a block of buildings and killing eight people, had been installed in 1887. […]

Here’s An Excerpt From The Dystopian Cli-Fi “The New Wilderness.” Read Along With The BuzzFeed Book Club.

They lowered themselves and then the children down a small ledge to the almost nonexistent bank where greens grew, a color found almost exclusively next to rivers. The grasses, mosses, the striving trees, so thin they could be snapped between two fingers, their new spring leaves quivers of creamy green. They handed down their bedding […]

Coonoor Heritage Gallery showcasing the history and development of Coonoor opened

Plantation hub “It was primarily a coffee town which later moved to tea cultivation. We have documented the data to ensure that the next generation knows its history,” says Samantha Iyyanna, managing trustee of Clean Coonoor. Among the exhibits are rare finds such as a map of the district sketched by Captain BS Ward in […]