ADB approves 400 mln USD to help boost farm incomes in Philippines

The Manila-based multilateral lender said the Competitive and Inclusive Agriculture Development Program, Subprogram 1, will help the government expand economic opportunities in the farm sector by implementing trade policy and regulatory reforms, enhancing public services and finance to the sector, and expanding social protection to rural families.

What will it take for cities to get rid of natural gas?

Instead, he says, as cities repair or replace the most dangerous pipes, “you can also start transitioning customers to nonfossil alternatives and build up programs to get entire neighborhoods to switch off gas altogether so that you’re able to start shutting down sections of the gas system. Then instead of investing all the money in […]

ANALYSIS: Land, environment laws diluted as Asia-Pacific nations eye growth

BANGKOK: Asia-Pacific nations are speeding up project approvals and removing environmental protections to spur economic growth dented by the coronavirus, moves that will hurt rural and indigenous communities, analysts say.Indonesia has issued a law that makes it easier to take over community land, including those of indigenous groups, and for forests to be cleared for […]

Flight risk! Ethel the 6ft emu has been on the run for five days since escaping enclosure… as fugitive bird continues to out-pace police and RSPCA by sprinting off at 30mph

Meanwhile, an RSPCA spokesman said: ‘We’ve advised that we will come out to try to catch it if it is in an enclosed area it can’t escape from, so it sounds like it’s still at large at the moment.’

What you need to know about coronavirus on Wednesday, August 12

School districts should create Covid-19 task forces that are made up of key stakeholders, including superintendents and parents, to develop procedures and policies for safety. Authorities should embrace a three-pronged testing approach which would see all students with symptoms tested, schools conducting random staff and student testing to identify asymptomatic patients, and students from high-risk […]