Exclusive: International Literacy Day 2019: This Street School Is Providing Education to Slum Kids

Free Education To The Underprivileged Kids From 5 to 80 Volunteers, Pehchaan Provides free education to underprivileged kids. The group of volunteers began with 7-8 children, who belonged to the slums of Delhi, which has reached several more than 700 now. The Trust is functioning at Indraprastha Metro Station, Kirti Nagar Metro Station, Satguru Ram […]

More than 80 migratory bird species were spotted during lockdown in Tamil Nadu marshlands

So, we were asked to spot the birds from our windows, gardens and villages. Since our members were spread across the rural areas of Salem district we were able to notice and record 81 endemic species on World Endemic Day(in May),” he said.

Amazon Labor Day Sale 2020: The 8 best tech deals

Apple AirPods Pro — $220, was $249 These wireless earphones from Apple are certainly worth the investment if you love listening to music wherever you go. Wear them when you work out, take a shower, go on your nightly drive or take a long walk in the rain. With both noise cancellation and transparency features, […]

My dad died of coronavirus last Christmas – he’d still be here if China hadn’t lied to the world

If the Chinese had informed the world about the virus as soon as they were aware of it, the UK may have detected cases sooner. Instead, it slipped under the radar and was diagnosed as something else, giving it chance to spread.

The 37 most absurd lines from Donald Trump’s Labor Day ‘news conference’

25. “Who would say a thing like that? Only an animal would say a thing like that. There’s nobody that has more respect for not only our military, but the people that gave their lives in the military — there’s nobody — and I think John Kelly knows that. I think he would know that, […]

Mahindra Electric launches MESMA 48 platform for light EVs

Mahindra Electric Mobility on Wednesday, the World EV Day, has announced the global launch of its MESMA 48 platform for light electric vehicles.The Mahindra Electric Scalable Modular Architecture (MESMA) 48 platform is capable of offering competitive quality and is cost-effective. The EV wing of the Mahindra Group also claims that this platform is one of […]

Oil is up $80 in seven weeks. The remarkable recovery could be too good to be true

That’s despite the latest efforts by OPEC to revive the market from its historic collapse. Last weekend, OPEC and all but one of its allied countries reached a deal to extend the record oil production cuts through July. Moreover, the group achieved new commitments to adhere to quotas from countries like Iraq and Nigeria that […]

Spain’s salad growers are modern-day slaves, say charities

The conditions are not just confined to Almeria. As the olive harvest was about to begin just before last Christmas in the region of Jaén, thousands of migrants moved there desperately trying to find work. With no money and no shelter, most were being fed once a day at a centre run by the Red […]

Trump may reach a new milestone by Election Day

Perhaps the damage of the Trump era that will leave the longest-lasting mark is the political and social tumult he has fostered apart from the pandemic. Trump has used his pardon power to reward his cronies, stonewalled Congress as it sought to perform its oversight duties and crusaded against a press that he calls the […]

What Are the World’s Happiest Countries?

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