Which Swindon celebrity is selling flowers? The great British art quiz

Today, our questions are set by Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, which has one of the most significant collections of modern British art in the UK. It includes predominantly paintings and works on paper, around 300 studio ceramics and a number of sculptural works. The collection features artists including Frank Auerbach, Lucien Freud and Henry […]

Andrew Lloyd Webber warns the arts are at ‘point of no return’

“With Christmas on the horizon, and the majority of pantomimes also now cancelled, theatres will be falling desperately short of the revenue required to see them through 2021, and will soon be left facing even more redundancies and closures.”

Keith Arnatt is proof that the art world doesn’t consider photography ‘real’ art

That remains the case. More than 40 years on, this show comprises work made between 1967 and 1971. It is all about ideas. The first work you see is a self-questioning text piece called Is It Possible for Me to Do Nothing As My Contribution to This Exhibition? Opposite is a numerical digital display called […]

Conceptual art: why a bag of rubbish is not just a load of garbage

The work the British artists made was at once intellectual and playful, risking charges of pretentiousness in order to challenge received notions of value and meaning. In 1967’s Soul City (Pyramid of Oranges), Roelof Louw stacked 5,800 oranges in a pyramid in the London Arts Lab, a hotbed for countercultural hijinks. Over a fortnight, the […]

Visual art: what not to miss in 2009

Picasso: Challenging the Past Throughout his life Picasso turned to his predecessors to refresh his art. He stole and borrowed everywhere, parodied and paid homage to El Greco, Velázquez, Ingres, Delacroix, Manet and many others. Following an enormously successful earlier Picasso exhibition at the Prado in Madrid, and a current show in Paris, London’s National […]

Hans Op de Beeck’s ‘Garden of Whispers’ art installation sheds light on the refugee crisis

According to the artist, Hans Op de Beeck, this installation serves as an embodiment of “man as a being who stages the world around him in a tragi-comic way”, as told in an interview with ‘The Mind Circle’. The Garden of Whispers employs a range of biblical and mystical references that touch on the issue […]

‘Please touch’: Making art accessible to the blind

“There are several measures taken within our exhibitions to make art inclusive,” says Vivek Menezes, curator of the Serendipity festival. “In collaboration with Shah, we have art recreated and have audio aids. And the tactile elements are for everyone. The objective is to break all barriers and make art accessible for all.”

Art Deco surprises where you’d least expect

His captions are his ongoing conversation with the people of his city. “That was a nice sunburst railing design over the entrance of a Lake Town home,” he writes in one post. “My friend @isthisthereallight got luckier than me… awesome close-up shots of Laha Paint House…without unnecessarily provoking security personnel,” goes another.

Coronavirus: Report suggests arts industry faces ‘ruinous losses’

What does the latest Arts Index say? After the 2008 financial crash, the arts sector witnessed a significant drop in public funding, business support and philanthropic giving Investment via public funding for the arts per head of population – via the Lottery, local and national government – has dropped by 35% since then, with local […]

23-year-old James Cook’s analog typewriter art takes the digital world by storm

Art is perhaps one of the few activities where there are no rules. If you can think it, chances are, there is a way to make your imagination into reality. Some of the greatest pioneers in art have been the ones who stepped so far outside the comfort zone of acceptable art that their creations […]