India Celebrated World Theatre Day

Theatre artists from across the world observed World Theatre Day on March 27th with great enthusiasm. In India too, the day was marked with a number of plays in all the metros and cities. To mark the day, a number of plays were shown at the Tagore Hall in Srinagar to keep the art form […]

Bauhaus at 100: what it means to me by Norman Foster, Margaret Howell and others

When I was a teenager in Zurich, there was an exhibition called The Tendency Towards the Total Work of Art curated by Harald Szeemann. It ran from February to April in 1983 and I went to see it 41 times. It was part of my inspiration to work in the arts and become a curator. […]

Obituary: Dame Diana Rigg

Like Blackman, Rigg moved from the Avengers to 007, starring in Her Majesty’s Secret Service opposite George Lazenby. Rigg became the only Bond girl to get the secret agent to the altar, although the marriage was abruptly cut short when her character was shot dead soon after the wedding.

‘Octopus Teacher’ Lets Filmmaker Into Secret World

The film, too, has been years in the making. While Foster eventually had a big team, he and environmental journalist Pippa Ehrlich initially worked alone for a few years. It was her first movie, and she directed — with James Reed – wrote, filmed and edited.

Digital national theatre festival in memory of a critic

How often do we see theatre groups honour a critic/cultural reporter through a theatre festival? Hyderabad-based Prayogam Theatre Group’s ongoing national theatre festival is a tribute to senior journalist GLN Murthy who passed away recently due to COVID-19. “Theatre directors and actors are always recognised but there is no place for critics. We thought this […]

The Kerala connect of Bharatbala’s ‘Virtual Bharat’ series

Shruthi says that she came on board after Bharatbala took notice of her earlier work, ‘Manumalayalam’ (2017), an “audio-visual” feature on Manu master. “‘Komaram’ was the first idea that I put across to him and he was fascinated by the Kodunagallur Bharani Festival,” she says. Shot in a docu-fiction format [by Sudeep], it is presented […]

How Fantasy Triumphed Over Reality in American Politics

When modern societies purged themselves of religious piety and autocratic politics, they chose to sacrifice some of what makes life interesting in order to prevent the worst. Better to live in Switzerland, a nation tamed by liberalism, than in Russia or Iran, which are not. But maybe it is in contemporary America that we see […]

UK spring breaks: six of the best towns and cities

Belfast Having shaken off its troubled past, Belfast has transformed into a dynamic city with a hedonistic streak. The state-of-the-art Titanic Belfast centre, telling the story of the world’s most famous ocean liner, tops the must-see list, and the waterfront is lined with music-filled pubs and great restaurants. Cultural big hitters include the Metropolitan Arts […]

The women who shaped, seduced and scarred John Lennon: New book reveals untold stories of the mother whose death the Beatle never got over, Britain’s first female pop star, and how Yoko Ono begged to be his lover (because she’d gone off sex)

David Bowie told me that when John was on yet another break from May, he and John ‘hooked up’ in Los Angeles. ‘There was a whore in the middle, and it wasn’t either of us,’ David smirked. ‘At some point in proceedings, she left. I think it was a she. Not that we minded.’

Lady Gaga dominates MTV VMAs with iconic pink face mask and Tricon Award win

Best music video from home, one of two new categories brought in to reflect the post-Covid-19 world, was won by Grande and Justin Bieber for Stuck With U while pop titan Taylor Swift won best direction for The Man music video, her hit about industry sexism.