Simon Rattle’s return to LSO marred by squabble over new London concert hall

The draft proposal for a new Centre of Music was drawn up under the chairmanship of Sir Nicholas Hytner, the former artistic director of the National Theatre, and is being privately considered by the mayor of London and the Treasury before it goes before the public. Yet presentations made in the city in the past […]

Lover’s rock: the story of reggae’s Motown

In its early phase, lover’s rock was largely a south London phenomenon, but following the unprecedented success of Silly Games, its centre temporarily shifted east, as producers such as Leonard “Santic” Chin and Bert “Ital” Campbell abandoned roots reggae for lover’s rock. “Santic and Ital were recording out of a small studio in the East […]


Single Bosses Possess Sherlock Holmes–like Powers of Deduction Regarding Co-worker Relationships: Mackenzie guesses the details of producer Don and assistant Maggie’s relationship right off the bat based on one conversational scrap and a photo on Maggie’s desk, saying, “Why won’t Don go to dinner? He thinks it’s too early?”: Josh Lyman guesses details of Donna’s […]

New Reputation: Taylor Swift shares intel on TS7, fan theories, and her next era

This practice of sharing and re-sharing and sharing again is why listeners consider Swift one of the world’s most accessible pop stars, someone willing to not only interact with her audience but invite them to secret listening sessions, or make the occasional surprise visit to their wedding or prom. It’s a symbiotic relationship, one that, […]

Coronavirus took their jobs away. OnlyFans let these Bay Area people monetize themselves

Since the coronavirus pandemic has spread through the world, OnlyFans has become much more. As gig economy jobs like driving Uber or Lyft have mostly evaporated as a result of stay at home orders, and service industry jobs have been shuttered until the pandemic recedes, people like Helm have been using OnlyFans to supplement their […]

‘Virtual pub’ set up during lockdown hires staff to cope with 14.5K customers

“Everyone seems to be really happy with it and I feel like something positive is happening in the world. I’m not doing it for profit and the team are working voluntarily.

10 Years Ago Today,

To me, the twist is memorable not just just because it’s one of so few cut scenes, but because of how it made me feel. There’s a term that’s used primarily in the world of art criticism called “defamiliarization.” It was coined in 1917 by Viktor Shklovsky in his essay “Art As Device,” and is […]

Inside the Kennedy “Curse”: How the Dynasty Endures in the Wake of So Much Tragedy and Scandal

“I am a member of a family sick unto death with generations of secrets,” he added. Skakel also proposed that his legal troubles were more connected to him having exposed his cousin Michael Kennedy’s affair with an underage babysitter, two years before Michael—Bobby Kennedy’s sixth child—was killed in a skiing accident in December 1997. (Taraborrelli writes […]

HBO film finds what Elvis sought his whole life

“Elvis Presley: The Searcher,” premiering on HBO on Saturday, April 14, turns on the 1968 TV special on NBC that featured Elvis performing on a raised platform surrounded by a very small audience. His longtime bandmates DJ Fontana and Scotty Moore were onstage when Elvis emerged dressed in black leather, took a seat and begin […]