The home of the future? Incredible concept images reveal the world’s first freeform 3D-printed house that will be built in Tennessee this year

Passive strategies will be employed for keeping the building temperate, such as carefully located windows that can create a through-draft and features that can help foster warmth in the winter and keep the building cool in the summer. This image shows parking space and a driveway

Cristiano Ronaldo closes in on Pele’s goal record with Juventus ace just 30 shy of Brazilian’s world record 767 strikes

Real then profited from his 450 strikes, while he is one off a century for Portugal and has 65 in total for Juventus.

Solar and wind power generated a TENTH of the world’s electricity in the first half of 2020 as coal sees biggest fall since 1990

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. After the gas is released into the atmosphere it stays there, making it difficult for heat to escape – and warming up the planet in the process. 

Foe of a foe – shared interests that make UAE a ‘friend’ of Israel

The UAE’s lead position on a peace deal is unlikely to leave it isolated for long. As Trump touts a rare diplomatic win, rumblings abound in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) states that others will soon follow; Bahrain and Oman being likely candidates, and possibly the regional heavyweight, Saudi Arabia, whose signature would mark a […]

Saudi Arabia Isn’t Just Raising Taxes

That is until two years ago, when Riyadh—along with other neighboring oil autocracies—imposed a new value-added tax of 5 percent on most goods and services. No one really likes paying taxes, let alone people who have never paid them, and many of those countries’ citizens complained that it imposed an unnecessary financial burden. But those […]

A Study of the 1.5 Million American Households With Practically No Income at All

Kathryn J. Edin: Well, you know, we didn’t either. We came upon this quite by accident, doing fieldwork here in Baltimore on another topic. I was looking at a group of young people who grew up in public housing and observing their transition to adulthood. But I kept coming across more and more people who […]

Microsoft fixes 120 vulnerabilities, including 2 zero-day bugs

New Delhi: Microsoft has fixed 120 vulnerabilities with its new security patch, including two zero-day bugs in Windows operating system and Internet Explorer that were being exploited by the hackers.Microsoft has released an August 2020 security update that has patched 120 vulnerabilities across 13 different products, from Edge to Windows, and from SQL Server to […]

There was no competition between India-Pakistan during league match in 2007 T20 WC: Irfan Pathan

Talking about the same, Pathan said: “Pakistan’s captain accepted it in one of the press conference that they didn’t know about the bowl-out. When the time for bowl-out arrived, they were not sure if they should be taking full run-ups or a half run-ups. On the other hand, we came in prepared for the bow-lout […]

This airline will pay for medical expenses, quarantine costs for free if you catch COVID-19 during travel

The coronavirus insurance is available for travel till October 31, 2020. “It is valid for 31 days from “the moment you take your first flight, and it covers you even if you travel onwards to another city,” Emirates said as per a Business Insider report.

Israel’s Netanyahu condemns protests against him, criticises media

Netanyahu, who was sworn in for a fifth term in May after an election, has often complained of press bias against him, and some of the charges he faces in a corruption trial relate to alleged attempts to seek favourable coverage from media barons in return for state favours.