Say hello to THE sustainable beauty launch of 2021 – self tan just got a whole lot cleaner!

Award-winning Australian tanning and suncare brand Bondi Sands has come to the rescue with its new Pure Self Tanning Range, which is packaged in ethically sourced and 100 per cent recyclable packaging so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment, while still getting that iconic golden glow you love.

World Tops 100m Coronavirus Cases

Global coronavirus cases surpassed 100 million on Wednesday, according to a Reuters tally, as countries around the world struggle with new virus variants and vaccine shortfalls. Almost 1.3% of the world’s population has now been infected with Covid-19 and over 2.1 million people have died. One person has been infected every 7.7 seconds, on average, […]

The Big Ugly Fat Fella flies into the future: Seventy years after the first B-52, the world’s most brutal bomber is being refitted to clock up a century in service

Cambodia was even more savagely bombed. Between March 1969 and May 1970, B-52 bombers flew 3,875 missions against targets there. Each plane was able to spread its payload over a target ‘box’ a mile wide and a third of a mile long, destroying everything. Later, in Operation Desert Storm to oust Iraq from Kuwait in […]

How a British couple took in a family of Jews from Austria during the Second World War after a chance encounter on a Vienna riverboat five years earlier

‘I love the idea that we don’t know if what happens to us is luck or fate. It took me a long time to realise my obsession is due to that moment on the steamer in Vienna which played a pivotal part in my own history.’

Former Red Sox Coach, PawSox Manager Ron Johnson Dead At 64 From Complications From COVID-19

Johnson took over the Pawtucket Red Sox in 2005, and amassed a 357-359 record in his five seasons on the bench, leading the PawSox to one postseason berth. He was promoted to Red Sox first base coach in 2009 under then-manager Terry Francona, a position he held for two season.

Intel’s $475m assembly plant investment may pave way to more complex chips

The site’s primary function is assembling Intel’s chips, which is about to get a whole lot more complex as the company starts producing hybrid designs, GPUs, and utilises advanced packaging technologies. Intel’s also roping in the help of external foundries, which will need bringing together in a single Intel-shaped package.

‘The world is suffering’: Rafael Nadal says fellow players whingeing about strict COVID quarantine ahead of Australian Open need a ‘reality check’

I am very much looking forward to playing in front of the people and joining the tennis frenzy and energy of the city that has always carried me towards many victories. I am also looking forward to seeing all my fellow players together in Melbourne. I am blown away by the numerous messages of gratitude […]

Phil Keoghan On The Challenges Of Making ‘Tough As Nails’ During Pandemic & “Champing At The Bit” To Get Back To ‘The Amazing Race’

Keoghan said its cast members don’t always get the same acclaim that contestants on other competition formats get. “These people that we have on our show rarely get acknowledged. Who would have guessed 2020 would have been what it is? If there’s any silver lining with the advent of Covid, it’s that all of us […]

2020 World Snooker Championship live stream: how to watch every frame from anywhere

This frenetic fortnight of action has more than lived up to 2019’s epic instalment of the tournament, which treated us to equal amounts of dramatic play, broken records, and outrageous shots. It ultimately culminated in a final for the ages: Judd Trump vs John Higgins. When all was said and done, Trump had sealed his […]

Emotet: The world’s most dangerous malware botnet was just disrupted by a major police operation

Emotet establishes a backdoor onto Windows computer systems via automated phishing emails that distribute Word documents compromised with malware. Subjects of emails and documents in Emotet campaigns are regularly altered to provide the best chance of luring victims into opening emails and installing malware – regular themes include invoices, shipping notices and information about COVID-19.