Church goers around the world ignore social distance advice

Dozens of parishioners, many of them elderly, crowded into the iconic Kazan cathedral in St Petersburg, to receive communion. Earlier this month, the cathedral came under fire for continuing to exhibit a relic of John the Baptist despite fears that visitors kissing the exhibit could hasten the spread of coronavirus.

Amb. Kelly Craft: Trump ‘set an example for the world’ in mitigating coronavirus and future pandemics

— U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Kelly Craft Although Trump has been vocal about assigning blame to China for the coronavirus — which originated in Wuhan — and often has referred to it as the ”Chinese virus,” Craft said it was “not the time for a blame game,” adding that she’ll focus instead on mitigating the […]

Column: The creator of ‘The Real World’ is a big fan and patron of the True/False Fest

But that was actually not the most costly visit Murray has made to True/False. On his first trip, seven years ago, he realized that while Columbia is home to both the largest documentary film festival in the country and one of its best journalism schools (from which he had graduated), that school did not have […]

Baton Rouge area schools turn to business world to feed children during Coronavirus crisis

Besides the Three O’Clock Project, another alternative is to deliver food by mail. Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena Tangipahoa, St. Helena parishes all plan to use an emergency food service program known as “Meals-to-You” recently developed by the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty, an initiative of the Waco, Texas university’s school of social work. […]

Column: Google, drive-throughs, top retailers, the coronavirus and you: a very Trumpian national emergency

Except as reported first in Verge and then in Wired, Google isn’t sure what he is talking about. A division of Google’s parent company is working on a website for healthcare workers and limited to the Bay Area. Now that the president has made his “announcement,” the site, Verily, will be available to the public […]

Louisiana church defies COVID-19 order, holds Sunday services

While different states have issued different provisions for houses of worship, 17% of those polled by three political scientists last week said they were still attending church in person. Nearly three dozen people who attended a church event earlier this month in rural Arkansas tested positive for COVID-19. At a church in the Chicago suburbs, […]

Hollande backed by allies and rivals after Trierweiler’s kiss and tell

The book comes less than a fortnight before Hollande’s government faces a vote of confidence in the French National Assembly. On top of private woes, the president is struggling to appear politically credible in his so far unsuccessful effort to tackle high unemployment, public debt and stagnant economic growth.

Ronan Keating and wife Storm welcomes a baby girl: find out her name!

Ronan is also a dad to three children from his first marriage: Jack, 21, Missy, 19, and 14-year-old Ali. The musician, who splits his time between Australia and the UK, announced Storm’s pregnancy on his Magic Breakfast radio show back in November, saying: “We’re pregnant, we’re having a baby. Storm’s pregnant, but some mornings I get […]

The Democracy Project: a History, a Crisis, a Movement by David Graeber – review

Graeber also thinks OWS should be celebrated precisely because the movement did not make concrete policy demands. As an anarchist, he believes in what he calls “prefigurative” politics: protests are not meant to extract concessions from the existing system, but to give people an idea of what the world would be like if there was […]

Ronan Keating and wife Storm welcome baby girl and confirm adorable name

Taking to Instagram on Sunday afternoon, the former Boyzone star posted a snap of Storm holding their little girl in her arms as she lay back in her hospital bed.