PC Building Simulator’s new DLC is a taste of what it’s actually like to build PCs for a living

If you do stick with that campaign and help your team/employer win tournaments, your reward is often a small half-baked trophy (not the tournament trophy, mind you), offloaded by some needy esports star who you’ll find only texts you when they want something done for cheap. At least you’ll gain a few likes on LikedIn […]

You can build a compact gaming PC inside this tiny pyramid

The Pyramini Mini 806 measures 435 (H) x 368 (W) x 386 (D) and as made from aluminum. It has a enough room for a mini-ITX motherboard only, which means micro-ATX and bigger mobos are not an option. That’s okay, because there are plenty of capable mini-ITX motherboards on the market, like the Asus ROG […]

Laptop sales surge as WFH and online classes become the new norm

KOLKATA: The Shahani household in Bengaluru starts every day with a fight for two available computers since the lockdown started. IT professionals Kabir and Anushka work from home and their two children attend online classes. “We never felt the need for a separate laptop for them (children)… Covid-19 has made us realise we can’t do […]