Help us crown your NHS hero as explorer Robin Hanbury-Tenison, 83, salutes the intensive care team who saved his life

I’m thrilled the Daily Mail created the Health Hero Awards, and I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to everyone who works so hard to make them a reality. I hope everyone will take the time to say a little thank you to the heroes who have gone above and beyond at this critical time […]

A bug’s life! Amazing macro pictures of tiny insects in Indonesia captured on a MOBILE PHONE camera

Pictured: This blue-banded bee refuses to move and throws a hard stare at the camera. Unlike most other species of bees, the blue-banded insect is a solitary bee, meaning that the adult fee will mate and construct a clay soil nest by herself. Their unique name comes from the metallic blue stripes that twist around […]

Is there life on Mars?

Rosalind Franklin’s most important tool, however, will be a drill that can collect samples from two metres below the surface. This is crucial for recovering material in which organic molecules can be found in a good state of preservation. The thin Martian atmosphere is easily penetrated by ionising radiation from space. This slams into the […]

Real life or video game? Can you tell the difference between photos and Microsoft’s new ultra realistic Flight Simulator

Next iPhone model to revert to iPhone 4-like design and… Amazon could soon track your every move even if you’re not a… Archaeologists claim ‘Swiss Stonehenge’ discovered under… Machu Picchu was built by the Inca civilisation on tectonic… The most realistic video game ever? Microsoft’s new Flight… ‘Drug-smuggling cat’ who was jailed after being found […]

Tocilizumab WON’T keep Covid-19 patients alive: Scientists deal blow to hopes arthritis drug could be a life-saver after pharma giant Roche admits it doesn’t work

The RECOVERY trial was the one to prove dexamethasone could save up to 35 per cent of Covid-19 patients relying on ventilators – the most dangerously ill – and reduce the odds of death by a fifth for all patients needing oxygen at any point. 

Rose Marie’s last phone interview: ‘Dick Van Dyke Show’ star shares unbelievable stories of mobsters, superstars and a life well lived

“I didn’t know [my father] was working for Al [Capone] years ago, evidently,” said Rose Marie. “He told my father, ‘The boys want to meet her. The boys are crazy about her.’ My father told him, ‘She’s doing five shows a day, so it’s a little difficult.’ But he said, ‘We’ll take care of it. […]

CDC expects 2020 outbreak of rare, life-threatening condition affecting children

While rare, parents and doctors should be vigilant to recognize symptoms of AFM because it progresses quickly over the course of hours or days, leading to permanent paralysis or life-threatening respiratory failure in previously healthy patients, according to the CDC.

On SOTU Day, Some Next Steps in Civic Life

The challenges, and the responses of people in San Bernardino who are trying very hard to make the best of the city’s circumstances, are for the next round of dispatches. For the moment, let’s make a connection to the theme of the City Makers conference. To wit, the functionality of American government at the national, […]

‘My sister ruffles people up the wrong way. In keeping this from her, am I being overly protective?’

My sister ruffles people up the wrong way. She is very kind and caring at heart, but can be quite rude, demanding and passive aggressive with people who are not in her inner circle. She has badly hurt some of my friends, and I have protected her from knowing this as it would hurt her […]

Match day: time to pair eyes and lips

I can’t do without… A talc-free bronzer for a sun-kissed, healthy glow The clue to the purpose of a bronzer, as I have said on many occasions, is not really hidden in its name. So don’t take the word ‘bronzer’ literally – it will lead to a beauty disaster. A good bronzer shouldn’t make you […]