Multiple Errors By Newsom’s Team Caused Massive Blockage In California Coronavirus Reporting System; 250,000-300,000 Records Still Delayed

On Friday, the state reported 142 deaths over the past 24 hours related to coronavirus, bringing the total to 10,011. The number of new daily cases was 8,436, for a total of 538,416. Reported hospitalizations and COVID-related ICU stays continued to drop, which is curious given the still-high — and potentially much higher, given the […]

AG Tong Join Coalition Against Florida’s Pay-To-Vote System

In this amicus brief, the states collectively support the plaintiffs’ challenge to the law because pay to vote laws harm low-income returning citizens who may be unable to immediately pay off their financial obligations. Furthermore, Florida has not set up an administrative process that would allow people to determine how much they might owe. The […]

Officials long warned of explosive chemicals at Beirut port

The ammonium nitrate, a chemical used in fertilizers and explosives, originated from a cargo ship called MV Rhosus that had been travelling from the country of Georgia to Mozambique in 2013. It made an unscheduled detour to Beirut as the Russian shipowner was struggling with debts and hoped to earn some extra cash in Lebanon. […]

India confident in standing solo against China in any future border dispute: European think tank

“While India hopes that the current standoff will be resolved through dialogue, it has also left little doubt about its preparedness for conflict escalation in order to safeguard its territory. It may, therefore, be the optimal option for India and China to work out a mutually acceptable solution that involves a face-saving Chinese exit. Russia, […]

Core objective of NEP will be translated into action through National Curriculum Framework: CBSE

Choice between 3 or 4 year undergraduate courses, multiple entry and exit options in degree courses, adding 3.5 crore seats in higher education institutions, which will now have a single regulator, discontinuation of M.Phil programmes and fixation of fees are among the higher education reforms outlined in the new NEP.

Prakash Jha on Pareeksha’s portrayal of class divide: ‘It eventually boils down to whether you have the money or not’

The director was all praises for his entire cast. “In terms of creativity, Adil brings a lot to the table. I do not work with a hard set rule. We held workshops so that we build upon what we have. Each artist on sets brings his own creative inputs – Adil, Priyanka, Shubham and everyone […]

India’s Digital Tax is a Riddle with No Clear Answer

The rapid spread of digitalization has driven considerable changes in the way businesses operate. This has led to the emergence of new business models and to the substantial transformation of old ones.These changes have placed pressure on the basic concepts underlying the existing international tax rules, which were created almost a century ago.First, the flashback!The […]

Here’s how Infosys CISO mitigates risk with proactive intelligence

Covid-19 has given some sleepless nights to CISOs around the globe. The overnight necessity of remote work and unprotected home networks have had CISOs looking at every measure to ensure no lapse. But courtesy technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning which form a major part of modern security controls the industry has been able […]

More children stricken with COVID-19 inflammatory reaction, 29 in California

The studies said that although most cases involving young people are mild, there is a significant and growing number of children who suffer from a serious ailment known as multi-system inflammatory syndrome, or MIS-C, which can cause severe abdominal pain, vomiting, rashes, fevers, heart trouble and diarrhea.

Demonstration For Diversity In Education Set For Danbury

Alongside Prospect Schools, the coalition promoting Saturday’s rally includes The Ecuadorian Civic Center, Radical Advocates for Cross-Cultural Education (R.A.C.C.E.), Black Visionaries of CT, Niyah Zuri, the Ecuadorian Civic Center, Latinos for Educational Advocacy in Danbury, and New Hope Baptist Church.