Demonstrators storm offices of landlord attorneys to protest evictions as New York moratorium ends TONIGHT with up to 14,000 families facing becoming homeless

But the residential eviction moratorium will expire Wednesday night and there has been no sign of another extension – meaning eviction orders brought against tenants before the pandemic, which were then put on hold due to the moratorium, can be carried out

Ultramodern Marvel in Milwaukee Is The Week’s Most Popular Home

Other buildings dotting the property include a haybarn, hog barn, chicken coop, and a grain barn with an elevator. There’s also an opportunity to begin bringing in income right away—20 acres on the property are currently rented for agricultural operations.

As election looms, window narrows for action in criminal investigation into Rudy Giuliani and associates

And in recent weeks, grand juries have reconvened in New York, including in White Plains, which is part of the Manhattan US Attorney’s office jurisdiction. For example, earlier this month, a White Plains grand jury issued an indictment charging Ghislaine Maxwell, a former girlfriend and associate of Jeffrey Epstein, with recruiting, grooming and ultimately sexually […]

Mayor de Blasio dismisses rich New Yorkers who fled the city as ‘fairweather friends’ and says their taxes should be raised – days after Gov. Cuomo begged the city’s top 1% to return to prop up its ailing finances

Police appear to be turning a blind eye to a growing crowd of drug addicts shooting up in broad daylight in Manhattan’s Midtown neighborhood as locals plead for someone to step in and put an end to the unsettling scenes. Pictured: One man doubles over on the ground while another holds onto a railing for […]

Harvey Weinstein Wants El Chapo and Aaron Hernandez Lawyers for ‘Dream Team’

The disgraced movie mogul officially announced Thursday that Ben Brafman is quitting as counsel, after The Daily Beast reported the two have clashed over legal strategy on how to fight charges in Manhattan that he sexually assaulted one woman and raped another. Weinstein is said to have wanted to fight the case in public, which […]

Eight of the top 10 highest paid California public employees work at one county hospital

The San Joaquin County physicians dominated the upper crust of the state’s 2018 payroll report for the second straight year, with three surgeons taking home more than $1 million in wages. Last year, seven of the top 10 were from San Joaquin County General Hospital.

Rose McGowan Rips Her Lawyers for Joining Harvey Weinstein’s Defense

In a statement, Baez and Sullivan told The Daily Beast: “We were pleased to represent our former client, Ms. Rose McGowan, in a matter unrelated to Mr. Weinstein’s current charges. After consultation with ethics counsel, we are certain no conflict of interest exists. We wish Ms. McGowan well with all her future endeavors.”

California couple who painted over Black Lives Matter mural plead not guilty to ‘outrageous and politicized’ hate crime charges

‘Had she just charged vandalism, that would be a whole different issue,’ Essayli said. ‘The fact that she charged it as vandalism and as a hate crime is really what makes this problematic. It’s a reach, it’s an overcharge. In our view, it’s a political message, and the justice system should not be weaponized in […]

De Blasio ‘grandstanding’ on police reform, so cop unions file lawsuit: reports

The so-called “diaphragm clause” of the city’s reform law spells out prohibited police actions – such as sitting, standing or kneeling on a suspect’s stomach of back, i.e., the diaphragm – that would allow a district attorney to bring misdemeanor charges against an offending officer, the New York Post reported.

Judge rules E. Jean Carroll can continue to seek Trump’s DNA in defamation suit

But lawyers for Carroll said Trump shouldn’t be allowed to delay the case in light of the fact that he has both continued to handle other cases as a defendant while serving as President and has also continued to file lawsuits. They submitted further arguments in the wake of the Vance ruling, arguing that it […]