US accused of seizing face mask shipments bound for Europe, Canada

Coronavirus: Timeline of the global spread of COVID-19 More than a million On April 2nd the Johns Hopkins University announced on Thursday that there were more than a million confirmed coronavirus cases around the world. The US is the most affected with three times the number than China, where the virus emerged in December. Over […]

Hundreds of migrants in southern Mexico board ‘The Beast’ heading north

Cubans, and migrants from other regions outside Central America, have added to the pressure on Mexico’s already overwhelmed shelters and detention centers. Costa Rica’s migration office said on Friday that, for the past week, more than 100 Cubans and Africans have crossed into Costa Rica on average every day from Panama, headed north.

NBA focused on figuring out plan for possible canceled season, report says

It is far too early to say anything definitively at the moment. For now, the league and union are attempting to negotiate a pay-reduction that splits the burden of lost revenue fairly between the league and its players. For the rest of this season and next season to be viable, the two sides will have […]

‘Buhari will start real governance after . . .’

In PDP in Katsina State, it’s just that they make it such that if you don’t subscribe to what they believe, you are not part of them; you are an outcast, you are a rebel. It means the PDP in Katsina State is considering every single person a slave without a voice. Someone as big […]

Dynamo reveals he’s tested positive for COVID-19 after suffering from ‘a persistent cough and lots of aches and pains’ amid Crohn’s disease battle

In a small group of patients, who seem mainly to be the elderly or those with long-term illnesses, it can lead to pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection in which the insides of the lungs swell up and fill with fluid. It makes it increasingly difficult to breathe and, if left untreated, can be fatal and […]

All the signs that Robert Downey Jr is likely to return as Iron Man, and may be seen in Black Widow

Other reports suggest that Downey could return as the voice of an AI assistant, like his very own Jarvis, in the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series, Iron Heart. On another occasion, actor Jeff Goldblum let slip that Downey would return as Iron Man in the upcoming series What If? “I played the part again a couple […]

Coronavirus: Wasim Akram, Darren Gough To Auction Memorabilia To Raise Funds

Former England cricketer Darren Gough and former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram have decided to auction their memorabilia from cricketing days and raise funds to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Gough and Akram have promised items of memorabilia to be auctioned on behalf of the Centre for Disaster Philanthropy who have set up a COVID-19 Response Fund, […]

John Durham Forges Ahead With Investigation Of Trump-Russia Probe Origins Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

Citing sources familiar with the inquiry, TheWSJ reported that Durham’s team began interviews at the CIA earlier this year that have focused on intelligence officers who work at the National Intelligence Council, which is a part of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Are General Hospital, Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful on today?

CBS has not yet revealed if it plans to continue airing reruns for its soap opera on Fridays or if this was a one-off.

London hospital almost RAN OUT of oxygen for coronavirus patients because it had so many, triggering NHS warning for doctors to limit the numbers of people on ventilators

‘We understand that the usage of CPAP machines on a systematic basis can use up significant amounts of oxygen. So it makes sense to highlight the risk of both how quickly oxygen supplies might be depleted and if that happens the potential risk to the core oxygen flow system.