Australia criticizes China’s espionage case against writer

“We deeply regret that for over a year, our requests have not been taken up. Dr. Yang has had no access to legal representation and has been held in harsh conditions that have been detrimental to his physical and mental health,” Payne said.

Australia prepares to fly cruise passengers to Germany

Also on Saturday, Australia’s government announced an added financial aid package to assist the country’s struggling airlines. It assured citizens that the country’s hospital system could cope with the expected wave of coronavirus cases, and prepared for the return to Sydney on Sunday of 3,000 of its citizens.

Australia’s coronavirus toll: Covid-19 related deaths across the country

“We as a family are completely devastated by the sudden death of our father, husband and grandfather. He was a very fit, healthy and active man with no known underlying health issues. He showed no real significant signs of being unwell until he collapsed at home on Wednesday morning. He died within 48 hours,” his […]

Australia tightens social distancing rules to combat coronavirus

People are seen on the nearly deserted steps of the Sydney Opera House, in the wake of New South Wales implementing measures shutting down non-essential businesses and moving toward harsh penalties to enforce self-isolation as the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) reached what the state’s premier calls a “critical stage” in Australia, March 26, 2020. […]

Central Australia records first coronavirus cases as Indigenous organisations prepare health messages

“It’s going to take probably a week by the time they sort out the scripts, and by the time we get here and record them, it’s going to be a week away.”

Australia tightens social distancing rules to fight coronavirus

The country’s total number of confirmed coronavirus cases jumped by 469 to 3,635 on Saturday, the federal health ministry said, from less than 100 at the start of March. The case number has leapt about 30% since Thursday, with most infections in NSW and Victoria states.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson seen touching down in LA after coronavirus isolation in Australia

The actor was seen stretching down to touch the tarmac then doing a celebration dance before entering a terminal after he and Wilson touched down in Los Angeles by private jet, according to the New York Post.

Coronavirus: Military to Enforce Quarantine in Australia

(AFP) — The Australian military will help enforce the quarantine of travellers returning to the country, with the prime minister unveiling strict new measures and door-to-door checks Friday to rein in the spread of Covid-19.

Coronavirus fires up production at Australia’s only medical mask factory

“The Government is working with international and in-country suppliers to continue to increase PPE supplies in the short and long term and has already sourced over 400 million surgical masks and a range of other PPE supplies,” the Department of Health said in a statement.

Coronavirus update: Australia’s international border restrictions come into effect

There are already more than 6,000 hospitalised COVID-19 patients in New York, with almost 1,600 in intensive care. Mr de Blasio said that next Sunday, April 5, will be “a decisive moment for the city” in terms of having enough medical workers, supplies and equipment.