Austria’s Nazi past: Belated recognition for murdered Jews

Her father never forgave Austria for its treatment of the Jews. He told her very little about his experiences, but she knew he would never have gone back to live in Vienna. “He always said the Austrians were better Nazis than the Germans and I think he just felt incredibly betrayed, traumatized, shocked,” she says.

Princeton University Announces All Undergraduate Classes Will Be Online During Fall Semester

“First, the health risks to the campus and surrounding populations appear greater now than they did just a month ago.  Reopening efforts in New Jersey and elsewhere have demonstrated how difficult it is to contain the disease.  Where schools and universities have started to bring back students, COVID cases have rapidly followed,” said Eisgruber in […]

Brit holidaymakers MUST isolate if they drive through country on quarantine list – but not if they don’t get out of car

Rail travellers returning to or arriving in the UK on journeys which include a stop in Belgium will also need to quarantine, unless no new passengers boarded the train and no-one left it before getting back on.

France edges closer to quarantine hit-list as coronavirus cases see biggest leap since lockdown ended

He told Sky News in a grim warning: “It’s a tricky situation. What I can say to people is we’re in the midst of a global pandemic and that means there is always the risk of disruption to travel plans and people need to bear that in mind.

Turkish Universities turning into epicenters of anti-India activities

Though India has succeeded in checking the direct interference of organisations like YTB, TUGVA, Diyanet, and IHH in India, still these organisations continue to carry out the Turkish propaganda and making the proxies to work for them, they have been somewhat successful in taking Indian students to Turkey and send them back brainwashed.

Student sues Christian university in South Carolina for negligence claiming she was expelled for drinking after telling officials she had been raped by a football player while intoxicated

‘Not only was it out of line for Whitfield to admonish the plaintiff or anyone else for what he perceived to be a moral flaw, but the plaintiff had just been injured by the reckless conduct of Doe and traumatized by unwelcomed sex,’ the lawsuit says. 

CPL 2020: Leading run-scorers of Caribbean Premier League, Chris Gayle tops the list

2. Lendl Simmons Simmons is the second-highest run-scorer in the tournament. The right-handed batsman has participated in every edition of the tournament has played for five franchises. In 71 games he has played in the tournament, the right-handed top-order batsman has aggregated 2080 runs.

German professor goes to court to challenge €2,250 library book fine

Classic and extravagant: The most beautiful libraries in the world Tulipwood and ebony British newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” included the Biblioteca Joanina in Coimbra, Portugal in the 2013 list of the most spectacular libraries in the world. It bears the name of the Portuguese king John V, who commissioned its construction. All bookshelves are made […]

Stockton U. Student Faces Suspension for Zoom Background of President Trump

FIRE sent a letter to the university outlining Stockton’s obligation as a publicly-funded institution to respect its students’ First Amendment rights, reminding school administrators that the First Amendment also protects offensive expression, and that Dailyda’s expression is not considered discriminatory harassment.