Sid Meier’s Memoir review – Civilization creator is all about fun

What makes the Civilzation games so compelling? The fans are a cut above; I’d know as I am one of them, having racked up 530 hours on Civilization VI since I bought it at the beginning of lockdown. For Meier, good game design comes down, at its core, to a series of “interesting decisions”. Give […]

As David Cameron tells all, a guide to the best political memoirs

But Cameron’s memoir will be compared primarily with memoirs of prime ministers past. Margaret Thatcher’s weighty The Downing Street Years is a product of an altogether less emotional time. It reads like an official history, shorn of the intimate details or introspection we have come to expect; even the poll tax riots, seen by many […]

‘I just love sex. I once counted the number of partners I’d had… don’t even ask!’: It’s the memoir of the year – now read JAN MOIR’s interview with BARBARA AMIEL that’s so frank and funny you’ll never look at whipped cream the same way again

She also learnt that strength comes from within, not without. ‘God, if I didn’t have some mental strength by now I would be a quivering jelly. I learnt a lot. How to wake up morning after morning, knowing that things looked hopeless but that I would get through the day.’

Ant McPartlin doesn’t mention ex Lisa Armstrong in memoir despite 23-year relationship

“When I got married in 2015, Ant got in touch with HRH. He politely declined the stag do (again, his loss) but he did send a handwritten letter to Ali and me, as well as a lovely wedding gift – a set of placements that were all watercolours he’d painted himself.”

Lindsay Lohan ‘sued by HarperCollins for failing to write a book’… after they paid her $365K advance for tell-all memoir that never materialized

Lindsay Lohan’s younger sister Aliana, 26, has legs for days… Lindsay Lohan’s BRUTAL reaction to being replaced on The… Lindsay Lohan is ‘so upset’ she couldn’t return to Australia… Lindsay Lohan won’t return to The Masked Singer Australia…

Just Ignore Him by Alan Davies review – a life derailed by abuse

This book, then, is both the story of a life derailed by abuse and a study into the ways abusers control their victims. It took Davies until he was 51 to go to the police which, he notes, made him “five years older than my dad had been the last time he molested me”. While […]

Michael Cohen is scathing about Donald Trump. So why did he spend years enabling him?

But it isn’t so much the contents of Cohen’s book that irritate me – it is his rapid rehabilitation. Cohen was all over primetime TV on Friday, promoting his book and pontificating about how Trump is ready to start a war to stay in office. When he is not being a pundit, he is starring […]

Collateral Damage by Kim Darroch review – insulted by Trump, abandoned by Johnson

As well as cultivating the often weird denizens of Trump world, Darroch hosted visiting ministers. He is surprisingly generous about Johnson, his future nemesis, whom the Americans liked. He is less flattering about May. Her decision to invite Trump for a state visit was “unnecessary and premature”, her triggering of Article 50 a blunder. And […]

Little Labours by Rivka Galchen review – when a baby is like a puma

The issue for Galchen the author, of course, is that while her baby and her need to write about it are both urgently new to her, to the rest of us, they are anything but. The publishing industry has been in thrall to motherhood memoirs for years now: from Rachel Cusk to Naomi Wolf to […]

‘I want to find the beauty in everything’: Dara McAnulty’s Diary of a Young Naturalist

The night crackles as the storm of flitting moves off. We jump up and down and hug each other, tension leaking out. We chat and look at the sky, sparkling with Orion, Seven Sisters and the Plough. This is us, standing here. All the best part of us, and another moment etched in our memories, […]