Overwatch Gets New Hero Echo Next Week

Echo is a Damage character, but she’s built around the idea of versatility and able to adopt Tank and Support-like features on the fly. She’s also one of the oldest characters, originally built for Blizzard’s canceled project Titan which eventually became the foundation for Overwatch. Echo was first teased in the trailer that introduced Ashe, […]

Overwatch retiring map pools, uniting competitive play and Overwatch League heroes

The Overwatch League, like the Call of Duty League, recently moved its live events online as a safety measure in response to the spread of the coronavirus, officially named COVID-19. Teams were split to three groups based upon region in order to minimize lag. The city-based matches that fans have come to expect from the […]

Slick new robot hero Echo lands on the Overwatch roster next week

Echo’s battle gear includes a triple-shot blaster, sticky bombs, and a focusing beam that deals high damage to targets with less than half health. However, it is Echo’s Ultimate that is the icing on the cake. Called “Duplicate,” Echo can target an enemy and gain the use of its abilities, including its Ultimate.

Tyler Cameron Says a Stranger Showed Up at His House Wanting to Join His “Quarantine Crew”

The Alabama native was spotted hanging out with Cameron and his buddies in his home state last month. The reunion came shortly after Cameron’s mother, Andrea, passed away. In March, a source told E! News “Hannah has been there for Tyler” and that he’s “grateful for her support.”

Vietnamese football joins Covid-19 fight

The club’s players like Pham Duc Huy, Do Duy Manh, Truong Van Thai Quy and Do Hung Dung have also donated money to the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee (VFFC). All the money will be used to buy essential medical equipment and to aid quarantine and treatment facilities throughout the country.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake team up for a funky quarantine remix

Timberlake beatboxed, the two used kitchen utensils for percussion, and they tried on lots of sunglasses. The former boy bander also vacuumed, scrubbed down countertops, and acted bored.

Microsoft’s remote work trends report highlights rapid rise in Teams usage

For example, meeting organizers can now end a meeting for all participants at the click of a button. Organizers will also be able to download a participant report to see when people joined and left meetings – no doubt a handy feature for teachers looking to take roll. And later this year, Teams will be […]

Overwatch’s Echo Was Created For Blizzard’s Canceled Project

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Overwatch Revises Hero Pools, Nixes Map Pools Next Week

“However, we saw a lot of feedback asking for Map Pools to vary more often than every two months at the start of a competitive season,” Blizzard explained. “Some suggested one month, others two weeks, and some even one-week rotation periods. However, if the Map Pool were to rotate more frequently, it would stop providing […]

Valorant makes a compelling case for a hybrid of CS:GO and Overwatch

I don’t mind. They earned it. Playing around each character’s special capabilities brings each game to life, colouring in interchangeable gunfolk with toolkits you need to learn and anticipate. Rainbow Six: Siege has already shown this can work, but Valorant’s wizards lend themselves to more outlandish and creative effects. Admittedly, a lot of them play […]