In Good Company: 50 U.S. Businesses That Stood Out During the Pandemic

The pharmaceutical firm has donated about $40 million in medical and charitable cash grants to organizations fighting COVID-19 in the U.S. and abroad. Of that sum, $5 million went to providing global medical grants to 49 organizations in 20 countries. In addition, the company donated tens of thousands of units of antibiotics and vasopressor therapies, […]

All Night Long: Lionel Richie recalls closing 1984 Olympics

“I was sitting in traffic and a guy four cars up was crossing the street and saw me and yelled ‘Lionel Richie, All Night Long, All Night Long.’ All the people started honking their horns and a Japanese family on the way to visit Disneyland started screaming,” he said. “I realized, holy crap, I’m no […]

Sumner Redstone, Tenacious Media Mogul, Dies at 97

“Somehow I staggered to the window. It was stuck, I couldn’t budge it. I moved to another window and, I don’t know how, got it open and clambered outside. I was kneeling on a tiny ledge, barely big enough to put one foot on. I was three floors up. If I jump, I’m dead. Flames […]

NFF Shares FIFA’s N772m COVID-19 to fund Clubs

ALSO READ: Exclusive: N-TYZE entertainment drags Humblesmith to court The NFF said, “After consultations with the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports, the board endorsed the proposal from the secretariat for the lump sum of $2 million to be shared across the various clubs and governing bodies of the various leagues.

Financial disclosures reveal postmaster general’s business entanglements and likely conflicts of interest, experts say

“The idea that you can be a postmaster general and hold tens of millions in stocks in a postal service contractor is pretty shocking,” said Walter Shaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, who resigned in 2017. “It could be that he’s planning on selling it, but I don’t understand the delay. […]