Poetry book of the month: How to Fly by Barbara Kingsolver – review

Whenever a novelist takes flight into poetry, one has, however unreasonably, misgivings – based on a received, under-examined idea of poetry as an exclusive vocation. And with a novelist of Kingsolver’s stature, the last thing one wants is to see her as an impostor. I had imagined myself putting How to Fly quietly aside, but […]

Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver review – a powerful lament for the American dream

Not only a bookclub author par excellence, Kingsolver is also the founder of the Pen/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction. Her progressive instincts compel her to follow Tig’s advice to her mother: “What you have to do is look for blue sky.” Part of a generation with scant belief in the moribund American dream, Tig […]

Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver – review

The monarchs’ majestic, and mysterious, appearance distracts Dellarobia from her illicit assignation and in the process, the would-be “Tennessee temptress” achieves internet fame as the discoverer of a phenomenon that confounds human understanding of butterfly migration. For monarchs to attempt to overwinter far from the heat of the south is unprecedented. Locals view their arrival […]

JK Rowling shares adorable children’s drawings after launching competition to illustrate her new book The Ickabog which she is releasing for free online

‘We’ll be publishing a chapter (or 2 or 3) every weekday, starting at 3.00pm today and ending on July 10th. You don’t need to register to access the story. You can read it for free on a new website we’ll be launching shortly. But there’s more…

Bolton book oozes with contempt for his old boss

Bolton’s portrayal of Trump is devastating. And it will be hard for Trump supporters to paint him as some pinko liberal since he volunteered as a teenager to work for the Barry Goldwater campaign, then interned for Spiro Agnew and went on to work in Republican administrations going back to Reagan. Bolton was also a […]

Bolton book makes clear the dangers of a second Trump term

Bolton is not a game-changing hero. The man sat on his eyewitness accounts of the President of the United States asking for political help from a foreign power during an impeachment trial. He held back on his view that Russian President Vladimir Putin can play Trump like a fiddle and on details of Trump’s promise […]

Maruti Suzuki opens booking for XL6 MPV

Maruti Suzuki on Friday said that it has started accepting bookings of its premium MPV XL6 at its Nexa showroom. The booking can be made online or Nexa app with an initial payment of Rs 11,000, the company said in a press release. Powered by the K15 BSVI petrol engine with Smart Hybrid technology, the […]

John Bolton can publish book despite efforts to block it, federal judge rules

Trump on Thursday called the book a “compilation of lies and made up stories” intended to make him look bad. He tweeted that Bolton was just trying to get even for being fired “like the sick puppy he is!” Other administration officials who figure prominently in the book, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, denied […]

Defence Secretary to review SAS Afghanistan emails

One Ministry of Defence source reached this evening for comment, agreed that the disclosures had caused “real concern”, among ministers when they realised on Friday what was about to become public, but insisted that their discomfort had resulted from a lack of communication with MoD officials and lawyers handling the matter, rather than any breakdown […]

We’re banning their comments, ‘manifesto’ and books – let’s stop and talk

They say Facebook, even Google and other social media sites, are also closely monitoring and quickly rejecting and banning their posts and accounts. To them, this is censorship – proof that their deepest fears are right. Their way of life is coming to an end, the loony liberal Left is taking a grip.