Mortified NHS worker asked ‘when she was due’ while wearing scrubs loses seven stone

“I also do pilates which has strengthened my core a lot and walk as much as I can which I increased at the start of the first lockdown.

Comic books’ crazy 1996 revisited: a wedding, a bankruptcy, a DC-Marvel crossover, more

“It was true that we would have been the only ones,” Geppi says. “But it would not have been in my interests to see Capital go under. Because a lot of small publishers would have not been paid. If Capital couldn’t pay these small publishers and even some of the larger ones, it would have […]

23 best long distance gifts to send to your best friend to show you care

No matter how far you live, true friends are always there at the end of the phone, to help bring a little joy into your life. Especially during a global pandemic, it can be even harder to visit best friends who are across the pond. But sending them a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to […]

Trump Follows Through On Banning Most Transgender Troops

“President Trump’s stated rationales for reversing the policy and banning military service by transgender people make no sense,” Ray Mabus, the longest-serving secretary of the Navy since World War I and a former governor of Mississippi, said in a statement supporting one of the lawsuits in August. “They have no basis in fact and are […]

Remarks by U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama with students at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

I do think that there are lessons that India has to show not just countries like Afghanistan but countries in sub-Saharan Africa. I mean, some of the incredible work that I saw being done in the agricultural sector is applicable to widely dispersed rural areas in a place like Afghanistan and could — I promise […]

Sophia Loren is such a proud mum in incredibly rare interview about family life

It’s safe to say that the award-winning actress has had an incredible career, but Sophia’s greatest achievement in her life are her children. The star chatted to HELLO! at a star-studded MSC Bellissima naming ceremony in Southampton in 2019, where she lit up as she spoke about the love for her sons and her grandchildren.

Stadia’s on-screen touch controls are equal parts amazing and terrible

Take PUBG and Destiny 2, for example. These are two games that require a lot of fast, precise reactions in order to stay alive, and Stadia’s touch controls falter quite a bit with them. Simultaneously moving your character and looking around is fine, but when it comes time to attack or defend yourself, it’s a […]

‘For all of us’: What a national championship would mean to LSU, Ed Orgeron — and Louisiana

“He always tells the story,” said LSU senior defensive end Rashard Lawrence, a Neville High graduate who was one of the first players Orgeron recruited. “He said, ‘Rashard, you’re going to be a team captain on a national championship team.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, OK.’ Didn’t think it was going to happen the way it’s […]

‘No holidays for Brits for a year’: Travel industry’s dire warning after Boris’s threat to quarantine ALL UK arrivals in airport hotels send BA, Ryanair and easyJet share prices tumbling

What mutations does it have? It has a series of mutations that change the shape of the spike protein on its outside. The main one is known as N501Y. This appears to make it better able to stick to the cells inside the body and makes it more likely to cause infection and faster to […]

NHS worker, 42, who was left ‘mortified’ after being asked if she ‘was expecting’ when wearing her XXL scrubs reveals she lost SEVEN stone thanks to a healthy diet and exercise

THEN VS. NOW Weight21st 13st 9lbs Dress size24  12 Breakfast Big bowl of sugary cereal Fruit and yoghurt Lunch Large sandwich with full-fat butter Leftovers from dinner the evening before, a small portionDinner Pasta and jarred sauce, big portion Veg, and couscous or potato  Snacks Biscuits and milky teaGrab bag of crispsChocolate, large bars, and crisps Small piece of chocolate