When did the Twin Towers fall and what does the World Trade Center look like now?

11/09/01 7pm – President George W. Bush, who was in Florida at the time of the attacks, returned to the White House 11/09/01 9pm – Bush delivered a televised address from the Oval Office 11/09/01- Hundreds of emergency service workers and firefighters comb the scene to rescue those trapped in the debris 07/10/01 – Operation […]

Ubisoft VR space game AGOS looks awfully familiar, from Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft today announced AGOS: A Game Of Space, a VR game which… hang on, why do I feel like I’ve seen this before? AGOS will put players in the silicon of an AI overseeing a colony ship, exploring, gathering, trading, and upgrading to complete the mission of finding a new home in the stars. And […]

‘Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery’: Former detective calls case ‘a travesty,’ reveals awful details in TV special

“At the time, we were watching it from the next room,” recalled Mendes. “She was trying to burn off stress. That was an indicator of stress. When people are put under a lot of stress that energy has to go somewhere, so you do see a lot of bizarre things in the interrogation room. She […]

New Zealand builds world-first hub for women’s sport

Investments like the government’s Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation strategy launched two years ago to pour $10 million into women’s sport over three years. And the Women in High Performance Sport project injecting female coaches and leaders into roles in New Zealand sporting codes.

The brutal, bitchy world of the billionaire wives: After marrying media tycoon Conrad Black, BARBARA AMIEL revelled in her new-found wealth. But as she reveals in the final part of her new memoir, she soon confirmed that money can’t buy true friends

Every Christmas the gifts would arrive for me. So exquisitely wrapped. You can’t imagine the ribbons and paper and satin and silks that were lavished on a box. While I wrote a note of thanks for Jayne’s knitted sable stole and the box of Manolo Blahnik shoes in absolutely my taste and size (Lily Safra’s […]

GLOBAL MARKETS-World shares edge down ahead of U.S. jobs data

“I don’t think a huge number of investors will be adjusting their positions ahead of the U.S. payroll data but because of yesterday’s sell-off there will be a bit more sensitivity to the data,” said James Athey, investment director at Aberdeen Standard Investments.

GLOBAL MARKETS-World shares ease off record highs ahead of U.S. jobs data

The bank index helped offset tech’s woes, with Spanish banks Bankia and Caixabank both marking double-digit gains earlier in the session after they said they were considering a merger to create the biggest lender in Spain. In commodity markets, oil was headed for its largest weekly drop since June amid worries about demand as the […]

World shares ease off record highs ahead of U.S. jobs data

“Stock market valuation is rich on a stand-alone basis, but far less extreme compared to other asset classes. Hence, it’s likely a bit too soon to be calling the next bear market even though September 3 did mark the top of the equity market back in 1929,” said Jeroen Blokland, portfolio manager at Robeco.

Frankie Boyle’s New World Order viewers in meltdown as he takes on UK government

Meanwhile a different viewer was also critical, writing: “I like #FrankieBoyle and I’d generally agree with a lot of what is being said, but this programme could really do with someone who isn’t just going to nod and agree with everyone else. #NewWorldOrder “.

Fortnite’s on its way to being the world’s biggest game, and here’s what makes it special

Its flair for watching and waiting means that, like PUBG, bad players like myself can sometimes cameo our way into the big shoot-out at the finale, a terminal kind of patience sometimes depositing me at ground zero with absolutely no good weapons or gadgets. In Vegas, this is called f***ing the deck: poor players making […]