Britain’s biggest brood gets bigger! Radford family – which has 26 members – welcomes its 27th after 18-year-old gives birth to baby girl

In a separate post on the Radford family’s Instagram page, the family said: ‘Welcome to the family beautiful Ophelia […] i can’t even put into words how incredibly proud I am of @millieradford you did AMAZING bringing this beautiful blessing into the world. We love you both so much […].’ 

‘Babe, we’re not having another kid’: Joy Anna Duggar, 22, jokes that she is done having babies while giving birth to her little girl – but pauses to put on makeup at EIGHT centimeters dilated

Pictures don’t show any food, and it doesn’t appear that Joy Anna had any sort of cake. Previously, after her sister-in-law Lauren miscarried at just five weeks, she had an entirely separate cake for ‘Big Brother Asa’ at her baby shower during her next pregnancy.  

Ed Sheeran is proud dad as wife Cherry gives birth to baby girl with unusual name

“I’m sure he will do something pretty bonkers like the rest of his tattoos! I think it’ll be on his back – he has half-covered his back now, but he’s kept the tattoos private as it’s all personal stuff.”

29-year-old mom dies of coronavirus weeks after delivering her new baby in Baton Rouge

“At some point, I couldn’t take it,” Denman said. “I had to tell the doctors, ‘Please don’t call me. I don’t know how I’m going to react. I know how I’m feeling right now, and it’s not going to be good, because I see my daughter fading away from me.’”

Ashley James displays her growing baby bump in pink lingerie as she celebrates ‘feeling sexy’ after her ‘pregnancy boobs’ left her ’emotional’

She continued: ‘I want to show off all the selection I ended up getting in a video, but I’m still in some pain, but for now here’s my new everyday bra. It’s got a racer back, is beyond comfortable, and it’s flat lace so you can wear it under T-Shirts. 

I was scammed into paying £13.5k to adopt a baby by a monster mum-of-5 who made £1.6m duping desperate women

Many were told their birth mum had miscarried. In some cases the birth mum apparently decided to keep the baby or just disappeared. Tara told one couple the mum and baby had been killed in a shooting, with the bullet passing through the mother into the baby.

Netflix ushers in a modern era of Baby-Sitters Club members and best friend moments in new trailer for the highly-anticipated reboot

‘I started The Baby-Sitters Club to take care of kids,’ Kristy says in a voiceover at the end of the trailer. ‘But, what I realized … we were more than a club, we were best friends.’ 

I thought I couldn’t have kids but now I’m pregnant with my 16th baby… and I still have sex with my man every day

Mum-of-22 Sue Radford recounts kids’ first day at school – as they all pile into the hot tub as a reward for a hard day’s work

Disabled 2ft 10in woman with brittle bone disease who was warned that having a baby could ‘crush her’ defies the odds to welcome a son with her 6ft 1in husband

‘For me, the height is not a big deal,’ she said. ‘If anything, I see it as a good sign – it means he’s healthy and growing well. Michael is 6ft 1in, of course I knew Maven was going to be big.’

‘Snip-snip’: The Bachelor alum Jade Roper shows off her 29 week baby bump and hints husband Tanner Tolbert may now get a vasectomy

She added, ‘We are beyond happy to love another baby, to give Emmy and Brooks another sibling and to have our children be so close!’