Malin Andersson reflects on late baby daughter heartache and grief struggles one year on

The reality TV star then shared how she used her time in the one year since the pregnancy photo was taken and admits that she didn’t want to “exist anymore” as she described the pain as lasting a “life time.”

‘I was looking for anything that might be able to help’: Kate Garraway wanted to donate her blood plasma to husband Derek Draper after she recovered from COVID-19

The machines work by blowing air into the lungs through a tube inserted directly down the throat and into the airways. The pressure of the air being forced into the lungs can tear and split the delicate tissue inside the lungs and leave them permanently damaged. This is a trade-off: the machines are usually a […]

Rick Ware Racing will partner on an Indy 500 entry with James Davison

It’ll be a busy two weeks as well for Davison, who will be running both Cup races at Michigan International Speedway this weekend. He will drive from Michigan to Indianapolis for three days of practice starting Aug. 12. After qualifying on Saturday, Aug. 15, he’ll fly to Daytona for the Cup race and then return […]

New FDA Limits On Arsenic Levels In Infant Rice Cereals Don’t Adequately Protect Children, Critics Say

Most susceptible children National diet surveys show that Hispanic infants and toddlers are 2.5 times more likely to eat rice on a given day than other children, according to Healthy Babies Bright Futures, while Asian Americans eat nearly 10 times more rice than the national average.

Moment small girl is found alive after spending 24 HOURS under the rubble in Beirut following the explosion at the city’s port which left at least 135 dead and dozens still missing

‘The EU Civil Protection Mechanism is now coordinating the urgent deployment of over a 100 highly trained firefighters, with vehicles, dogs and equipment, specialised in search and rescue in urban contexts,’ the European commission for crisis management, Janez Lenarcic, said in a statement.

EastEnders Keanu actor Danny Walters reveals he weighed 16st as a child and was warned he’d die of a heart attack

The Italian judge may not be able to sit on the panel this year as the pandemic restricts him from flying back and forth from the US to judge Dancing With The Stars.

‘Natural’ and other food labels that sound legitimate but may not be

Products are required by the FDA to list the amount of trans fat they contain on the nutrition label; less than half a gram rounds down to 0 and the packaging can boast its lack of trans fat. In the fall, the FDA announced that it was removing partially hydrogenated oils, which are the major […]

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Production Designer Elisabeth Williams Shapes A Desecrated Washington D.C. For Season 3

Heading into Season 3, the production designer had a slightly different sense of how the story arc this go-round would play out. “The season before ended with Offred handing her baby over and Alexis [Bledel’s Emily] going to Canada with the baby, so that was exciting actually, because of course we knew that June was […]

Peter Baldwin: Type 1 diabetes awareness pledge after boy’s death

“When you have a baby you take on board things like meningitis – but we want to create awareness that young children can also have type 1 diabetes. It’s something that isn’t brought on because they’ve eaten too many sweets – it’s not their fault,” she said.

Susan Rice is the VP Biden needs

No one serves the number of years she has in public life without having some tough moments, or even years. And perhaps no moment in recent memory exemplifies that more for Rice than the months after Benghazi. I was the spokesperson at the State Department through much of this “controversy,” a time when Fox News […]