‘Keep moving!’ Moment lawyer couple brandish an AR-15 and a handgun at protesters marching past their mansion in an upscale St. Louis neighborhood

On Friday night, Mayor Lyda Krewson issued a statement apologizing for her actions. The full statement read: ‘In an effort to be transparent and accessible to the public during the Covid-19 pandemic, for more than three months now I have been doing tri-weekly community updates on Facebook. 

Chilcot bullying only adds insult to injury

The principle objection of his critics is that Britain’s offer of asylum is limited to those who are being cared for in camps adjacent to their homeland, rather than throwing open our borders to migrants who are already massed in Europe, as Germany has done.

Lawyer appeals to army to rescind dismissal of female soldier raped by bandits

An Army board of inquiry (BOI) investigated the soldier and recommended her trial where the female soldier was found culpable of the ‘Offence of ‘Conduct Prejudicial to Service Discipline’ and the signals soldier was dismissed from service.

Lawyer appeals dismissal of female soldier raped by bandits

Challenging the soldier’s dismissal, Barr. Oyewole said, ”It is manifest that the purported trial of our client was tainted with substantial irregularities; there is no offence under the law and no element of the offence of misconduct prejudicial to service discipline that talks of pregnancy while in service and warranted dismissal under section 103 (1).”

Girl, 2, left with permanent brain damage after foul ball by pro baseball player hit her

“She (the child) has an injury to a part of the brain, and it is permanent,” Mithoff said. “She remains subject to seizures and is on medication and will be, perhaps, for the rest of her life. That may or may not be resolved,” attorney Richard Mithoff said.

Student slams dangerous so-called ‘smart’ motorways after horror crash killed his friend and left three others seriously injured

Last year, Highways England boss Jim O’Sullivan admitted that lives had been lost due to delays in setting the system up. Stranded drivers have to wait an average of 17 minutes to be met by recovery teams. The Department for Transport now wants the average brought down to ten minutes.

Police probing underground ‘castration ring’ find severed penis and testicles in freezer

But the mystery deepened further after police raided King’s inner-city Brisbane home and found a set of male genitalia that do not appear to belong to that of the victim from Saturday night.

‘You should be disgusted with yourself’: Caroline Flack’s mother confronts police officer who pushed for her daughter to be charged with assault and tells inquest she ‘killed herself because you put an appeal through’

She cited various factors – such as the violence involved, that Lewis Burton was sleeping, that a caution is rare for a domestic violence case, and that police said Flack showed no remorse in interview – when making her decision that a caution was not appropriate.

Army sergeant who shot dead BLM protester Garrett Foster reveals he was driving for a ride share firm, wasn’t aware of protests and only opened fire in ‘self-defense’ when the victim pointed his assault rifle at him

‘I saw my son at 19 years old brush this girl’s teeth, comb her hair. He would put her on the toilet and clean her up, and he would make sure that she got bathed and make sure that she was able to get dressed and took her everywhere that she needed to go. And […]

Postwoman whose fingers were bitten by dog through letterbox suing Royal Mail

“It is very distressing when one of our people is attacked by a dog while carrying out their job. We continue to appeal to dog owners and their families to take steps in order to reduce the numbers of attacks particularly through letterboxes, at the door and in the garden.”