Say hello to ‘Trolls,’ farewell to ‘Modern Family’ this week

The Strokes, “The New Abnormal”: With powerhouse player Rick Rubin in the production chair, The Strokes are back with their sixth studio album. Julian Casablancas, Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond Jr., Nikolai Fraiture and Fabrizio Moretti return with their first release in seven years, which is out Friday and has already earned an A- score from […]

Here are the first minutes of Hello Games’ The Last Campfire

Riffing on puzzles, for most games, is a way to get mileage out of each of the abilities or mechanics available to a player while still giving them new challenges to master. I hope Hello aren’t throwing that convention of puzzle design out the window quite as much as Burgess makes it sound. Perhaps if […]

Babies as young as eight months understand the basics of grammar – before they can talk, scientists say

Babies can understand the basics of grammar months before they start speaking, scientists have said. Pictured, in the study, infants listened to a four-minute recording of a made-up language in which frequent words — imitating function words — alternated with rarer ones intended to emulate content words

Rita Ora showcases her toned curves in spotty hotpants and a sheer cardigan as she says she’s ‘grateful’ to leave the house for a scenic walk

She further gushed: ‘She is so brave and has been through so much on her own. Yet her generosity to help others just cements what I know what my mother is capable of. I’m so happy the rest of the world has now got to see it too.’

SHOCKING! Sukumar’s Kumari 21 F Is A Rip Off Of French Film Lila Says

Many movie buffs opine that copying or inspiring is accepted until the director or writer acknowledge it. But in this case, Sukumar and his team has been publicizing Kumari 21 F as a own story and they are yet to speak a word on the on-going ‘copy’ ruckus. However, we do not negate the chance […]

Amazon says it may fire workers who violate social distancing guidelines

Meanwhile, a worker at Amazon’s Staten Island facility said the company sent a text message to employees this week that read: “We recommend everyone wears a facemask of some kind covering their nose and mouth from arrival through departure of your shift.” The company has signage in the facility about picking up facemasks and how […]

Language Barriers Limit Access to Coronavirus News for Some European Migrants

“If you have symptoms you can call your doctor, for instance. But then the next problem sometimes is that they cannot call the doctor because of the language barrier,” said Yemane . “So, then we have like this back office for questions that cannot be answered right away, and also call their doctor for them.”

I am a greedy actor, says Shweta

She is enjoying web medium too. “I want that all my character look different. That’s what I like about the series that the graph you get and time span in it gives you lot to do. Like in Mirzapur, the journey is so surprising. And, I am just waiting for the scripting of the season […]

Now lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein victims says British witness will tell FBI she ‘vividly remembers’ seeing Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts at Tramp nightclub – after royal denied dancing with ‘sex slave’ on night of THAT photo

Ms Giuffre told Panorama: ‘The people on the inside are going to keep coming up with these ridiculous excuses – like his arm was elongated or the photo was doctored, or he came to New York to break up with Jeffrey Epstein. I mean, come on, I’m calling BS on this, because that’s what it […]