Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation Launches ‘New Hampshire Rocks!’ Music Education Program

These collective foundations raised $85,000 for the “New Hampshire Rocks!” statewide program, which aims to expand students’ educational opportunities by allowing them to create, perform and connect through music. Thirty teachers in various New Hampshire districts started receiving curriculum and professional training last Monday (Aug. 31) as the first equipped cohort in Little Kids Rock’s modern band pedagogy. […]

1897 Bar • Music • Restaurant toasts brand’s rich history

The European heritage and Hunan’s rich food culture are the perfect combination to inspire culinary connoisseurs and exhilarate even the most delicate palates. At 1897, the restaurant is offering some of the very best diverse culinary adventure experiences.

How healthy sleep can set students up for success

From classwork to social media use, there are many things competing for the attention of school-aged children and teens, interfering with their nightly sleep. According to 90% of parents, homework and early school start times are the top barriers impacting the healthy sleep students need each night, followed by time with friends (87%), social media/electronics […]

Matt Every: ‘The marijuana stigma sucks. That’s less than a per cent of my life’

“I know I have plenty of talent. I struggle being present in my mind. Sometimes my mind is spread too thin. It might come off like I don’t care but it’s actually the opposite. I care a lot, about a lot of things. The way the world is just now, I struggle with the direction […]

Kevin Clifton’s road to glory as he FINALLY wins Strictly Come Dancing

From there, they went up and up, with their highlights including their street/commercial dance and their Paso Doble, which they recreated for the final, though they were still unable to score the top marks as Craig refused to give them the 10s they wanted.

WU LYF – so good at being a band that nobody’s asked about their music yet

If all this sounds like ingenious marketing, it’s because it is. WU LYF are managed by Warren Bramley, founder of creative agency four23, whose clients have included Adidas, Reebok and Virgin. WU LYF began by playing exclusively at four23’s cafe, An Outlet, grew by selling a £50 demo, and now offer only one piece of […]

Tudor girl-band concert Six set to be first musical to reopen in West End

The vibe among socially distanced audiences in a reduced-capacity Lyric will undoubtedly be different, but the announcement heralds the gradual reopening of an unrecognisably quiet West End, where footfall this summer was down by 63% on the previous year. Next month, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap – the longest-running play in London and, indeed, the world […]

You CAN always get what you want! The Rolling Stones’ flagship store on London’s iconic Carnaby Street opens its doors tomorrow selling merchandise and music from the famous rock band

In a statement, the band said: ‘We’re hugely disappointed to have to postpone the tour. We are sorry to all the fans who were looking forward to it as much as we were, but the health and safety of everyone has to take priority. We will all get through this together — and we’ll see […]

Bruce Springsteen Announces ‘Letter to You,’ New Rock Album With E Street Band

1. One Minute You’re Here 2. Letter to You 3. Burnin’ Train 4. Janey Needs a Shooter 5. Last Man Standing 6. The Power of Prayer 7. House of a Thousand Guitars 8. Rainmaker 9. If I Was the Priest 10. Ghosts 11. Song for Orphans 12. I’ll See You in My Dreams

Ryley Walker Explains Why He Covered an Entire Dave Matthews Band Album

Sometimes I think “Captain” is the skeleton key to this whole thing. DMB’s version sort of sounds like a sex jam, kinda similar to “Crush” from Before These Crowded Streets. We stretched and bent the song a bit into something like Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas — dehydrated, cactus-trippin’ desert-jazz. It gets at the “deeper warmth beneath the dark” […]