Capital conservation critical for banks as loan moratorium ends on August 31: SBI Research

“In such a situation, it has become a lot more important that the banks have to improve their governance, sharpen their risk management skills and banks have to raise capital on an anticipatory basis instead of waiting for a situation to arise,” Das had said.

Now wanted by big credit bureaus like Equifax: Your ‘alternative’ data

So far, both courts have rejected arguments that the credit bureaus should validate that the debt is legal before allowing it to appear on credit reports. Plaintiffs have appealed the ruling in the Florida case and plan to appeal the Illinois ruling, according to attorney Michael Caddell, who represents the plaintiffs in both cases.

How TCS plans to make WFH its mantra

The only vertical where you have done well is healthcare and life sciences. But your exposure to this is not that high. Any plan to further ramp-up or make some inorganic play here?