Global economy could shrink by almost 1% in 2020: UN

The alarms raised by UN-DESA echo another report, released on March 31, in which UN experts issued a broad appeal for a “large-scale, coordinated, comprehensive multilateral response” amounting to at least 10 per cent of global gross domestic product (GDP).

Solutions for Vietnam to maintain its current economic growth

According to economic expert Dr. Ngo Tri Long, there has yet to be indications of growth in the second quarter of the year in terms of both the global and Vietnamese economies due to the complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic. In the current context, keeping a check on the disease and continuing to stabilize […]

Global powerhouses to back circular economy

Unilever Vietnam has also been implementing its own ‘Zero Waste to Nature’ initiative. “In Ho Chi Minh City, we have established a sustainable business model for collecting and recycling based on Solvolysis technology with CITENCO, as an example for scaling up nationwide in a later stage, and in preparation for the establishment of a Solvolysis […]

Coronavirus pandemic could shrink global economy almost 1% in 2020: UN Report

The report said the worsening pandemic is increasing deep-seated economic anxiety. “Even in many high-income countries, a significant proportion of the population do not have enough financial wealth to live beyond the national poverty line for three months, causing many to fear for their economic security,” it said.

World economy may shrink 2.6% in 2009: UN

With its increasing impact both in scope and depth worldwide, the global financial crisis poses a significant threat to world economic and social development, including the fulfilment of the Millennium Development Goals and other internationally agreed development goals, according to DESA.

Tom Cotton Doesn’t Oppose Mass Immigration for Economic Reasons

Now, low interest rates are a genuine burden for America’s retirees. One could theoretically support full-employment economic policies and higher interest rates to help Americans earn more on their savings. But if you’re not going to use monetary stimulus to promote full employment in a moment of slow growth, then you need to use fiscal […]

Federal broadband stimulus should be guided by state experience

States are uniquely positioned to help reach unserved communities: They’re large enough to work with the federal government and internet service providers (ISPs) but close enough to local communities to know the stakeholders and understand an area’s economy, geography, demographics, and politics. As federal policymakers look to invest the stimulus funds in expanding broadband, they […]

Centre close to finalising an economic package, says Sitharaman

NEW DELHI: The government will soon come out with an economic package and work is on to finalise the relief measures, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Tuesday as she unveiled steps to ease the compliance burden for companies, individuals and businesses. “Work is going (on) and we are very close to… an economic package, […]

Breakingviews – Seoul’s virus tests yield false economic positive

Even as Moon prepares a fresh fiscal package, companies are bracing for a downturn. Business sentiment suffered its worth monthly fall in 17 years, according to the central bank’s survey for April. Despite its pandemic head start, South Korea will have to wait for the rest of the world to heal.

Unemployment claims of 6.6 million shatter record as coronavirus grips US economy

An analysis from Goldman Sachs earlier this week projected that unemployment would rise to 15 percent this quarter, more than quadruple the 3.5 percent level where it was hovering before the crisis erupted, and well above the 10 percent peak it reached during the height of the Great Recession a decade ago.