Vietnam among fastest growing economies in Asia despite COVID-19: ADB

“Despite the deceleration in economic activity and the downside risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s economic growth is projected to remain one of the highest in Southeast Asia,” said ADB Country Director for Vietnam Eric Sidgwick.

The US economy lost 701,000 jobs in March — worst report since 2009

Goldman Sachs economists predict the jobless rate will reach 15% by midyear. Ian Shepherdson from Pantheon Macroeconomics expects layoffs to soar as high as 20 million and an unemployment rate rising between 13% and 16% based on analysis of Google search history for “unemployment” along with all the regular government statistics. The unemployment rate could […]

4 ways to reboot the economy that fix the climate at the same time

Saha admits it feels wrong to talk about a possible silver lining as we’re in the midsts of the coronavirus pandemic, but eventually, economic activity will revive—and the small respite our planet has seen due to reduced emissions from less air travel and driving won’t last; it may actually worsen as people plan to travel […]

Economic growth should start limping back from July: SS Mallikarjuna Rao

Tell us how the combined entity the shape and size changes and becomes bigger talk to us about the new entity which takes shape now? Punjab National Bank got merged with Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank of India, effective from today. It is now a combined entity that has more than 11,000 branches […]

Explainer: Euro zone eyes package to support economy against coronavirus

1. BORROWING BY THE EURO ZONE BAILOUT FUND ESM One of the main options. The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) is owned by euro zone governments, which are jointly responsible for the debt it issues to finance a government. The ESM could extend standby credit lines, worth up to 2% of GDP, to any euro zone […]

China frees up $56 bln for virus-hit economy by slashing small banks’ reserve requirements

BEIJING: China’s central bank said on Friday it was cutting the amount of cash that small and mid-sized banks must hold as reserves, releasing around 400 billion yuan ($56.38 billion) in liquidity to shore up the economy, which has been badly jolted by the coronavirus crisis. The latest stimulus move comes as the world’s second-largest […]

Government ready to sacrifice economic growth to protect public health: PM

At a meeting with the Government on the implementation of social distancing rules for 15 days to combat COVID-19, he said it was time to mobilise all forces to prevent and control the pandemic. However, a number of localities have misunderstood social distancing measures.

Common-Good Constitutionalism Reveals the Dangers of Any Non-Originalist Approach to the Constitution

Well, if conservative judges adopt the approach recommended by the Harvard law professor Adrian Vermeule, progressive living constitutionalists will be able to find out exactly how they feel. In a lengthy article for The Atlantic, “Beyond Originalism,” Vermeule urges conservative scholars and judges to abandon originalism, and, in its place, to develop what he calls […]

Economy sheds 701K jobs in March as coronavirus devastates businesses

The federal government has already taken unprecedented measures to support the economy in the face of the worst pandemic in more than a century. President TrumpDonald John TrumpMilitary personnel to handle coronavirus patients at facilities in NYC, New Orleans and Dallas Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort has total of 20 patients: report Fauci says that […]

Why a new inflation anchor will help RBI in aiding economic growth

By Abhishek Gupta India’s growth is slumping and inflation has shot above target. Still, the debate remains narrowly focused on whether the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) should cut interest rates or not. This misses the point. The current predicament underlines failures of the inflation-targeting framework. For growth to have a chance at recovery, inflation […]