Russia denies nuclear power plant leaks after higher than normal radiation levels in Europe

A representative for the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority told CNN that “very low levels” of Cs-134, Cs-137, Ru-103 and Co-60 isotopes were found in two places: Visby, between June 8-15, and Stockholm, between June 22-23. The representative did not speculate on the origin and location of the source of the material.

UAE launches Arab world’s first nuclear power plant

“This is part of the UAE’s drive to diversify its energy economy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and project its image as a regional leader in science and technology,” one Gulf analyst told French news agency AFP.

Oil-rich UAE opens the Arab world’s first nuclear power plant. Experts question why

The new plant is part of the UAE’s plan to become less reliant on oil and gas, the current source of the vast majority of its energy. UAE is among the world’s biggest fossil fuels producers. It has seen a rapid economic growth in recent decades thanks to its oil and gas production, which makes […]

UAE announces operation of first Arab nuclear power plant

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced the start-up operations of its first nuclear power plant in capital Abu Dhabi.The milestone achievement was announced through a tweet by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE prime minister on Saturday, Xinhua news agency reported.”We announce the UAE’s success in operating the first peaceful nuclear energy reactor […]

Yangjiang nuclear power plant unit 6 gets ready for operation

Both units five and six of the power plant will be using the Firm-Sys, the digital control system developed by CGN for nuclear reactors and a key equipment used for controlling and monitoring a station’s operations and management to ensure its safety.

US Nuclear Power Plants Fast Facts

March 28, 1979 – The Three Mile Island nuclear plant near Middleton, Pennsylvania, partially melts down due to a combination of factors including design flaws, equipment malfunction and human error. The accident remains the most serious nuclear power incident in the United States.

US Westinghouse Fuel Delivered to Biggest Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant

According to the plant, the delivered fuel was produced in Sweden. The fuel is expected to be loaded in the “pilot” fifth power unit of the Zaporizhia plant in May, the first, third and fourth units will follow if the load is successful.

UAE launches start-up operations at first nuclear power plant

“We are now another step closer to achieving our goal of supplying up to a quarter of our nation’s electricity needs and powering its future growth with safe, reliable, and emissions-free electricity,” ENEC’s chief executive Mohamed Ibrahim al-Hammadi said.

Turkey Offers Missiles to Azerbaijan after Threat to Bomb Armenian Nuclear Power Plant

“The threats voiced by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan to launch missile attacks at the Armenian Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant indicate the level of desperation and the crisis of mind of the political-military leadership of Azerbaijan,” the ministry said in a statement. “Such threats are an explicit demonstration of state terrorism and genocidal intent […]

Drone Armada Buzzed US’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant and Authorities Still Have No Clue Why

In the documents obtained by Johnson, it’s specified that on September 29 at about 8:50 pm, security reported spotting five-six drones measuring about two feet in diameter flying about 200-300 feet over the plant, with red and white indicator lights flashing and spotlights turned on during approach. The lights were then turned off, and the […]