17 most extreme celebrity weight loss and gains, as Bradley Cooper piles on 40lbs for Hollywood movie

Matthew McConaughey The beefy actor had lost more than three stone – a quarter of his body mass – in a few short months for his role as an AIDS sufferer in new movie Dallas Buyers Club. And, as the Oscar-winning Texas-born star now reveals, he achieved the extreme weight loss on little-to-no food – […]

The Next Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Starts Filming In Early 2021

Gamesindustry.biz has pointed towards a listing on Creative BC, showing a film with the codename “Emerald Hill” in production. This is the first zone from the Sonic 2 game, and Jeff Fowler–director of the first movie–is listed as this film’s director, too. There’s no question that this listing is for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 […]

Lord Of The Rings 4K — Peter Jackson Talks About Giving The Films New Life

In a new video promoting the 4K release, Jackson said the six movies lacked consistency in their coloring and other elements, due to the evolving way in which the movies were shot. Updating them for 4K gave the team an opportunity to go back and address this.

Quibi Was the Streaming Era’s New Coke

HBO Max Data; CBS Shuffle; The Return of Shonda ➽ AT&T announced its third quarter earnings this morning, which means we got another update on how HBO Max is performing. The good news for the company is that many more people who have free access to Max via existing HBO subscriptions checked out the streamer over […]

See Jim Carrey as the Joker in new deepfake

Want to see more actors’ faces swapped out for each other? Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, seamlessly blends deadpan and sensitivity as Wednesday Adams. Tom Holland is the modern Marty McFly. And if those don’t interest you, listen to JFK discuss Rick and Morty.

CBS All Access Has a Fancy New Name

Still, ViacomCBS still plans to use its vast collection of intellectual property to create new content for the rechristened Paramount+. While details are few right now, the company says it is developing a revival of producer Mara Brock Akil’s massively successful comedy The Game for Paramount+, saying the new take on the show will be part […]

Pixar’s Soul Tackles Life’s Biggest Questions on Disney+ This Christmas

“[The idea for the movie] kind of came from just thinking about, ‘Okay, where were we before we are born?.’ It’s impossible for me to conceive of that, of me not being here, of course. But when you have kids, it’s especially bizarre because you’re like, ‘I am now home with this blob that didn’t […]

Soul Review: Pixar Delivers Another Animated Masterpiece

Joe wakes up as a wisp of light, on a space escalator, heading towards the dazzling Great Beyond. No, this cannot be. Joe simply refuses to die. He must get back to Earth and into his body. Along the way he encounters an unborn soul, the troublesome “22” (Tina Fey), who doesn’t think that life […]

Sarpatta Parambarai: Arya Looks Intense As A Boxer In The First Look Poster Of His 30th Film

Backed by K9 Studios, Arya’s 30th venture has music composed by Santhosh Narayanan. The film about the boxing culture of 1990’s north Chennai is reportedly based on true-life events. Earlier, it was reported that Soorarai Pottru actor Suriya will essay the lead role in the film, however, the plan did not materialize due to reasons […]

17 most extreme celebrity weight loss and gains, as Chris Hemsworth endures ‘starvation diet’ for Heart of the Sea

Renee Zellweger Renee Zellweger is mostly famous for being Bridget Jones. We would love to drink wine, watch rom-com’s and eat tubs and tubs AND TUBS of ice cream, and be able to call it work. Renee had to do this weight gain and loss TWICE as well. That’s the pain of a sequel, unfortunately.