Lecce relegated as curtain comes down on historic Serie A season

Fabio Liverani’s side lost 4-3 at home to mid-table Parma but would have dropped down to Serie B even if they had won as relegation rivals Genoa thumped Hellas Verona 3-0 in a match that saw four red cards, including one for Verona coach Ivan Juric.

Young people involved in Vietnam’s fight against COVID-19

This allows holders to remain in the country if they have no other visa options and are unable to depart due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Applicants must demonstrate why they can’t meet the requirements for another visa, according to the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

‘Too many are selfish’: US nears 5 million virus cases

Dr. Demetria Lindsay, the Virginia Department of Health’s district director for Virginia Beach and Norfolk, said there has been a pronounced spike among people ages of 20 to 29. She said factors behind the surge include gatherings of people not wearing masks or keeping a safe distance.

Digital banking: Mondo hopes to become the Google or Facebook of the sector

The startups could offer notifications to customers such as warnings about going overdrawn, reminders of bills to pay and information about how they spend their money. Swiping his Mondo app, Blomfield finds he has used his card – which operates on the Mastercard system – in Pret A Manger 11 times in the past month.

From Canary Islands, Spanish royals push to save tourism

And there was bad news in Huesca province, where three counties regressed to a stricter lockdown after several new coronavirus outbreaks were detected, some involving seasonal migrant fruit pickers. In nearby Lleida, local media reported a new cluster in a nursing home. (Reporting by Clara-Laeila Laudette; Additional reporting by Inti Landauro, Emma Pinedo, Belen Carreno, […]

Was Babri Masjid demolition justified?

Nearly 30 years later, are the sentiments expressed by Rao still valid or has a new realisation given way to a diametrically opposite contention: that this was not ‘a betrayal of the nation’, but a reaffirmation of our dignity; that this was not a confrontation with all that is sacred to all Indians but a […]

Family of pioneering black train guard who overturned ban on non-while British Rail staff in the 1960s say his legacy should be taught in schools

‘We need to bring the national curriculum up to speed to include the positive achievements of black and mixed race people and people of other ethnicities which are very relevant in both local and British history. It’s a way of counteracting unconscious bias in the next generation.

A radical regained

Vanessa Bell died in 1961. The reassessment of her as an artist started 15 years later, with the publication of Richard Shone’s Bloomsbury Portraits. Shone counterweighted previous emphasis on literary Bloomsbury with his deeply-researched survey of its visual arts. Bell also had a champion in Richard Morphet, then a young Assistant Keeper of the Modern […]

Critics want racist senator’s name stripped from Reno park

Common throughout the West in 1920, those deed restrictions still exist today in Newlands and other Reno neighborhoods. They’ve been unenforceable since 1948. But a new law sponsored by state Sen. Julia Ratti allows homeowners to file a document with the county recorder to void the racist provisions.

Letter from economists: to rebuild our world, we must end the carbon economy

People must build political power to advocate for a fairer economic system. If we attempt an economic rebuilding whose guiding principle is a return to “business as usual” we will simply substitute one crisis for another. Instead, we must recognize that when crises strike, the disaster amplifies along society’s fault lines, and that when we […]