Now That No One Cares Anymore, Who

It’s interesting to recall the ten years of ups and downs in the Kanye-Taylor feud, and see how sympathy in the matter has gravitated towards whichever of the pair is currently enjoying more professional success. Swift initially triumphed in the court of public opinion, but by the time Kanye released My Beautiful Dark Fantasy, wasn’t […]

UK’s coronavirus death toll leaps by 260 in a single day to hit 1,019: Britain suffers its worst day yet with huge spike in victims as more than 17,000 have now been infected

This means we are likely to continue to see further increases in the numbers of daily deaths until social distancing measures have their effect. ‘The deaths tomorrow and in the days ahead will be of people who were infected before the social distancing measures were implemented. 

From handing out flyers at tube stations to TV’s most in-demand man: The Body Coach star Joe Wicks’ transformation from cash-strapped personal trainer to a £14 million internet sensation (and he bagged a glamour model wife in the process!)

Just months later Joe revealed he was already head over heels for Rosie, as he told the Mirror: ‘She’s definitely The One. But some things you have to keep for yourself. I live on social media every day, so the only thing I have that’s private really is me and my girlfriend.’

The hunt for fleeing New Yorkers: The Hamptons wants to ban coronavirus refugees from the Big Apple and Rhode Island is sending the National Guard to find them as wealthy residents and celebs escape virus epicenter

‘I got this call: ‘I’m on my way, driving out from the city. You’ve got to find me a house south of the highway with nine bedrooms, I want no one around me. I want a pool, a tennis court. I’ve got a blank check. Make it happen’,’ he said.

’1917,′ ‘Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood’ win Golden Globes

Best foreign language film went to Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite,” the Cannes Palme d’Or winning sensation from South Korea. Despite being an organization of foreign journalists, the HFPA doesn’t include foreign films in its top categories, thus ruling out “Parasite,” a likely best picture nominee at next month’s Oscars.