How the New York

Not that every one of the headlines has been a home run (the day before the Palin zinger, there was this clunker: “MARTIN LUTHER CRINGE DAY,” critiquing a Reverend Al Sharpton speech). But by capturing the feeling of the day, they’re good for the digital Daily News brand: Now, no matter where they are, these […]

Horniman Museum, London: ‘Interactive, intelligent and inspiring’ – review

What’s new? The new 600-square-metre World Gallery opens this week (on 29 June), with a dazzling, densely packed display of more than 3,000 objects from cultures from all over the world. They were selected from the 350,000-item collection begun by Victorian tea trader and philanthropist Frederick Horniman, who aimed to “bring the world to Forest […]

20 of the best outdoor family days out for half-term

Seal spotting, Lincolnshire From October, hundreds of grey seals start to arrive at Donna Nook nature reserve, a remote expanse of salt marsh and sand dunes on the Lincolnshire coast, to have their pups. The viewing area offers up-close encounters with the new arrivals. When you’ve reached fluffy seal saturation point (and with more than […]

Silhouetto: the visual appeal of tiny figures – a photo essay

Perhaps my northern upbringing meant I was always likely to have a soft spot for silhouetted people in pictures. I went to primary school in the Salford of LS Lowry at the time “Matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs”, celebrating the work of the local artist, was at No 1 in the pop charts. […]

Grief turns to anger: Widower of Ruby Princess cruise ship passenger bursts into tears as he recalls his last moments with the ‘love of his life’ – and sheds alarming new light on lax health measures

How a midnight phone call that led to coronavirus-stricken Ruby Princess cruise being able to dock in Sydney Harbour in the dark The doomed Ruby Princess cruise ship was set to be stopped from entering Sydney Harbour until a last minute backflip by port authorities, leaked phone calls reveal.

Coronavirus Not An Opportunity For “Athletes To Cheat”: WADA President

Athletes are fooling themselves if they think they can use the chaos caused globally by the coronavirus pandemic to cheat, World Anti-Doping Agency president Witold Banka has told AFP. The Pole said physical testing might be virtually at a standstill but WADA and national anti-doping agencies possessed other weapons they can deploy in the fight […]

African fashion on display at early ‘Black Panther’ shows

At a showing in New York’s Times Square, Mykwain Gainey wore a Basotho blanket used by the Bantu tribe in South Africa. “It’s featured very prominently in the film, and it’s cultural heritage,” he said. Gainey said he wanted something fashionable that fit the film, but he also wanted to stay warm.

Love Island Finn’s 6-hour race against time to lock down with Paige Turley

The hunk added: “It’s great to be with Paige. Obviously we’re so used to it so it would be quite difficult to be away from each other for so long. And I think she likes that I’m here. I hope that she’s happy.”

Kieran Hodgson: Lance at Edinburgh festival review – five-star comedy show takes the yellow jersey

More character actor than leading man, Hodgson parlays meekness into major appeal here. He’s a delight to watch, and every line of his script is wired for laughter. Among the standout set-pieces, a TV promo for Yorkshire fuses northern cliches and ad-world idiocy into blissful daftness, and a Noël Coward-ish serenade, wooing Hodgson to the […]

Countess whose Russian oligarch ex was known as ‘Putin’s banker’ admits she ‘lost herself’ in the ‘vulgar’ life of private jets and no-limit shopping and says she now lives in fear of eviction after he cut off her and their children

She said she does plan to tell her children about their father in the future, revealing: ‘I’m going to say that he needs to sort out the situation that he’s in, and maybe when you’re older you can go find him yourself. And it’s not your fault.’