Silhouetto: the visual appeal of tiny figures – a photo essay

The use of small figures is hardly original, as Denis acknowledges. “All of us are influenced by others. The great painters copied elements from their predecessors and I’m no different. Bill Brandt was quite an influence with his instinct to just let things happen knowing that sometimes you will get lucky.” Denis also greatly admired […]

Grief turns to anger: Widower of Ruby Princess cruise ship passenger bursts into tears as he recalls his last moments with the ‘love of his life’ – and sheds alarming new light on lax health measures

‘If somebody has done something wrong, it needs to come out,’ he said. ‘We should not have been able to board that ship. I just want to get some justice for my wife and that’s the only thing I can do for her, because I can’t help her where she is.’

Coronavirus Not An Opportunity For “Athletes To Cheat”: WADA President

Athletes are fooling themselves if they think they can use the chaos caused globally by the coronavirus pandemic to cheat, World Anti-Doping Agency president Witold Banka has told AFP. The Pole said physical testing might be virtually at a standstill but WADA and national anti-doping agencies possessed other weapons they can deploy in the fight […]

How the New York

In 2012, Rich and his third wife, the Post writer Mary Huhn, adopted their son, Altaseb, who is now 8. That same year, in came Colin Myler, the longtime Murdochianwho had first met Rich during a stint as executive editor at the Post in the early 2000s. Myler gave the paper a Fleet Street edge […]