The chemistry of cold-brew coffee is so hot right now

In one paper, published in 2018, Rao and Fuller measured levels of acidity and antioxidants in batches of cold- and hot-brew coffee. But those experiments only used lightly roasted coffee beans. The degree of roasting (temperature) makes a significant difference when it comes to hot-brew coffee. Might the same be true for cold-brew coffee? To […]

Coronavirus live updates: 6.6 million file for unemployment

2:23 p.m. State DOJ agents seize N95, surgical masks in Alameda, San Mateo County raids: State agents confiscated an undisclosed number of N95 masks and surgical masks among other items Tuesday while executing two search warrants in Alameda County and one in San Mateo. Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office declined to say how many items […]

Kerala Lockdown Day 17: Parcel trains, free milk for young & old and telemedicine

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Coronavirus live updates: 10% of US jobs lost in 3 weeks

4:20 p.m. CDC unveils new guidelines for essential workers: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is introducing new guidelines aimed at allowing essential workers to return to work after exposure to a confirmed case of the coronavirus, CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said at a White House news conference. The guidance applies to essential […]

Coronavirus live updates: 7,000 deaths in New York state

6:50 p.m. Trump criticizes WHO response to coronavirus: In Wednesday’s White House briefing, President Trump repeated criticisms of the World Health Organization by saying it had “minimized” the threat of the coronavirus and been “China-centric” in its response. Earlier in the day, WHO director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus responded to Trump’s earlier criticisms by asking […]

Shopify is sponsoring free computer-science educations—at $110K a pop

Lutchen believes such arrangements only work when there are multiple employers involved. He helped pioneer a partnership between his college and a council of roughly a dozen local technology companies in the Boston area, providing opportunities similar to those of Shopify’s Dev Degree without betting everything on a single employer.“The mission of the institution is not […]

Dominic Raab: Boris’ stand-in PM whose Czech father fled the Nazis

The young boy’s parents tried to heckle Mr Raab at a constituency hustings because they felt he hadn’t helped get justice for their son by failing to pursuade the US to extradite Harry’s alleged killer – Anne Sacoolas.

Sam Pittman gears up for his first season as Arkansas head coach

“I think I’m the key motivator,” Pittman said. “Certainly, I want the program to reflect what I believe in. I believe that I’m a guy that’s here to help our coaches be better coaches, which means if there’s more we can get out of a drill, we need to get it out of that drill. […]