Upskill: ZDNet Academy offers training bundle deals for IT pros, developers, and more

The Certified Data Scientist Architect Bundle Deal price: $49 | Original price: $2,500 Big data is the future, and it’s coming sooner than you think. Whether you’re involved in business, IT, or finance, the big data revolution will forever change the way virtually every industry operates, which is why it pays to get ahead of […]

Pink supermoon just what the coronavirus lockdown doctor ordered

Key points:Tonight’s supermoon is tipped to be the biggest on offer this yearAs the first full moon of the northern hemisphere spring it is called a pink moon, named after flowers appearing at the same timeIt will be best viewed about 11:00pm AEST, when it is higher in the sky

Games of Thrones Beyond the Wall: Best tips and tricks to win

As we noted at the start, Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is a turn-based, tactical RPG. In most battles, you’ll pick one Hero and several Units to deploy on a 4×8 square grid. After starting the battle, combat is fairly straightforward. You can tap on any Hero or Unit to see squares they can […]