Upskill: ZDNet Academy offers training bundle deals for IT pros, developers, and more

Learn How To Code: Google’s Go Programming Language ($249 value))The Complete Front-End Web Development Course ($200 value)Angular 7: Practical Guide ($99 value)Git Complete: The Definitive, Step-By-Step Guide ($79 value)Complete Java Masterclass: Become an Android App Developer ($200 value)Become a Web Developer: Learn the Fundamentals of Ruby ($200 value)C# Fundamentals: Learn Coding for Game Development ($150 […]

Pink supermoon just what the coronavirus lockdown doctor ordered

Key points:Tonight’s supermoon is tipped to be the biggest on offer this yearAs the first full moon of the northern hemisphere spring it is called a pink moon, named after flowers appearing at the same timeIt will be best viewed about 11:00pm AEST, when it is higher in the sky

Games of Thrones Beyond the Wall: Best tips and tricks to win

As we noted at the start, Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is a turn-based, tactical RPG. In most battles, you’ll pick one Hero and several Units to deploy on a 4×8 square grid. After starting the battle, combat is fairly straightforward. You can tap on any Hero or Unit to see squares they can […]

Amsterdam to embrace ‘doughnut’ model to mend post-coronavirus economy

“I think it can help us overcome the effects of the crisis”, said Amsterdam’s deputy mayor, Marieke van Doorninck, who joined Raworth in an interview with the Guardian via Skype before the launch. “It might look strange that we are talking about the period after that but as a government we have to … It […]


According to the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD), once the T+0 system takes effect, it could boost trading liquidity and benefit both investors and securities firms, especially when the market vulnerable to the volatility of the global markets amid fears about the instability of economic and political relations and the spread of coronavirus.

DualSense: The GamesRadar team reacts to the new PS5 controller

“Get ready for memes (and good, good, good vibrations)” – Brendan GriffithsOnce I got past the whole strappy crop top design, I actually really like the look of the new PS5 controller. The DualSense looks next-gen and not just a cowardly upgrade of a safe bet (I mean, come on Microsoft, really?). I can only go […]

US mattress company eyes Viet Nam’s enormous potential

LMG is the first in Viet Nam to offer “Reveal by Xsensor”, a machine that measures body pressure to advise the mattress and pillows that best fit each customer, guiding them through the brand and product selection. LMG views the shopping experience as a journey, to help consumers understand the uniqueness of the product brands […]

Latest Coronavirus News in Vietnam & Southeast Asia (updated hourly)

During a teleconference on April 7, the officials also consented to propose the Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group (Viettel) to support a connection line for Laos, especially between hospitals of the two countries so that they can share experience and methods in treating COVID-19 infection cases.

Opus Wealth Management Group with $350 Million in Assets Under Management Joins Level Four Advisory Services

Based in Dallas, TX, Level Four Advisory Services is a comprehensive wealth management firm that is changing the way financial advice is delivered. With 17 retail locations and numerous independent wealth advisors across the country, their goal is to guide individuals, families, business owners, and corporations on the journey to optimizing their financial strengths through […]