Hard winter ahead as Sunak tries to stop job losses hitting postwar record

That is probably as good an outcome as Sunak could hope for. He said at a press conference following his speech that he had provided incentive for firms to keep people on the payroll, but thinktanks noted there is also an incentive for struggling firms to reduce a worker’s hours or make them redundant. Sunak […]

Five massive financial changes happening on October 31 including end of furlough

credit cards car finance personal loans stores and catalogue cards buy-now-pay-later schemes rent-to-own policies payday loans Many people have taken advantage of this, essentially pausing the money they have to pay back (though interest still builds up).

Dominic Raab says Government is ‘ready’ for TIER FOUR COVID restrictions and hints UK could follow France and Germany into total lockdown – as Birmingham is poised to plunge into Tier Three and country edges toward full shutdown ‘by proxy’

‘But the best means of carrying the public with us is that they understand intuitively, even if it feels difficult in their area or whether it is on the business side or the domestic side, that they know we are targeting the virus where it is the greatest threat.’

Homeless Shelter Staff Are Saving New York’s School System

Over the summer, Tiffany spent her days making sure families understood the “blended” learning system and knew what schools their kids were going to, how to log on to the classes, how to pick up workbooks and textbooks for their kids, and how to get them to school if they were going in person. DOE […]

Passaic Dignity House Offers A Place For Homeless Individuals To Receive Mail

“It came up in a conversation with me that some don’t have access to mail, things that we take for granted every single day. They don’t know how to connect to get their benefits, whether social security, or even if they applied for a job, what address are they gonna put down for correspondence?” Passaic […]

This pandemic has been the making of England’s elected mayors

The mayors have been on high ground this week. Birmingham’s Andy Street wants to decide for himself how much economic pain to accept for the Midlands. Burnham accuses the government of being “morally wrong” and “fundamentally flawed”. How dare ministers inflict poverty on Mancunians without compensation as a result of their own policy shortcomings? His […]

Dems in Key House Races Fear Loss of Critical Student Votes With College Campuses Empty

For Democrats in tough House races across the nation who were counting on students from nearby colleges to work as campaign volunteers and to vote, not having Dylan and people like him on campus is a looming political problem. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, nearly half of American college and universities are offering entirely […]

Lockdown moratorium | Loans up to ₹2 crore may get relief

On concerns addressed in court about the downgrading of loan accounts from ‘Standard’ to ‘Non-Performing Assets (NPAs), the government said the resolution framework announced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) provides that loan accounts which slip into NPAs between invocation and implementation may be upgraded as ‘Standard’ on the date of implementation itself.

‘You can’t stop-start a country’: Minister admits Covid-19 is ‘in a bad place’ in ALL of England but insists Government will RESIST calls for a national lockdown despite SAGE prediction of 85,000 second wave deaths and France and Germany ordering shutdowns

London R rate ‘is the worst in England’ and could be as high as 3 Coronavirus is spreading fastest in London, according to a new study which claims the R rate in the capital is almost as high as three and infections are doubling every three days, compared to 1.6 and nine days across England.

Britain couldn’t have eradicated Covid-19 even if it banned ALL international travel at the start of the pandemic, experts say – and it’s far too late now

‘The New Zealand experience shows that this strategy is challenging but is an important aspiration, not least as the growing burden of so-called long Covid becomes apparent in people who have survived Covid-19 but continue to have symptoms for longer than expected.’