Best meditation apps: practice mindfulness with Headspace, Calm and more

Headspace is one of the most popular meditations apps – and for good reason. We first started meditating with Headspace more than six years ago and credit it with getting our heads around the obstacles that can come up when you first choose to meditate. How do we sit still? What if we get caught […]

Coronavirus live updates: CDC traces one mildly sick person to 13 illnesses, 3 deaths

“The double-whammy that you suffer now is when you have this terrible virus which essentially preys in its ultimate deleterious effects on people with those underlying conditions,” Fauci said Wednesday. “And since that is more predominant in the African-American population, we want to double down and say to the young people, to the elderly people […]

Victor Davis Hanson: After coronavirus — will America be a roaring giant or crying baby?

We can scapegoat and play the blame game. We can talk not of an America in crisis, but of the virus’ effects on particular groups. We can decide that it is mean or even racist and xenophobic to hold the Chinese government accountable for its swath of viral destruction — and so we will not.

Many Farmington-Unionville Businesses Are Open

ANTIQ’S LLC: While our doors are closed to the public at this time, our website is open and we ask that you visit our website and call us if you wish to know more about an item or purchase any items for pickup. As always, we are available via email for “free” antique appraisals – […]

Mike Tyson’s colourful life, from heavyweight boxing champion to jail term for rape, owning tigers and Hollywood movies

“I want to get this part of my life over as soon as possible. In this country nothing good is going to come of me. People put me so high; I wanted to tear that image down.”

Tips for Working from Home with Young Children

Set expectations accordingly (with yourself and others). Do some micro project management. Do not commit yourself to five days-worth of work when you only have five hours a week. Be honest with yourself about how much you can get done in an hour. Perhaps do some trial tests to assess this (e.g., I need one hour per day to respond to […]

Looks like the OnePlus 8 is the phone that will make me leave the iPhone for good

As time has gone on, however, I’ve found the confines of Apple’s walled garden less and less of an obstacle to completely branching out. Even on my Apple devices, I mostly use Google apps, including Google Calendar, Google Photos, Gmail, and Tasks. I find myself using messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and even Signal […]

Revealed: How you handle COVID-19 isolation based on your star sign – and the perfect ‘side hustle’ to make some extra money at home

‘You need to move around so flex those muscles and legs with some Zumba and music. Research your next travel adventure whilst you stimulate the mind through puzzles and sudoku,’ Mr Aujula said.

The LG V60 ThinQ challenges the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for stylus champ

Daily usage and experiencesA major differentiator between the LG V60 and Galaxy Note experiences is the lack of Bluetooth Air Actions support, but admittedly I find these gimmicky and only tried them out on the Note 10 Plus during the review period. The Bluetooth functionality of the S Pen also requires the S Pen be […]

Coronavirus live updates: 6.6 million file for unemployment

4:20 p.m. CDC unveils new guidelines for essential workers: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is introducing new guidelines aimed at allowing essential workers to return to work after exposure to a confirmed case of the coronavirus, CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said at a White House news conference. The guidance applies to essential […]