Biblical Preacher Announces ‘Apocalypse Watch App’ as He Predicts Coming End Times

The 30-second clip ends with the teaser: “The Apocalypse Watch App – coming soon!” Begley’s website, whose name appears in the video, contains no mention of the app but encourages users to shop for his DVDs, books, and travel mugs. There hasn’t been any information on the app’s launch date either.

First photo released of Sherlock Christmas special

— sue vertue (@suevertue) November 25, 2014 Filming for series four will commence in January and appear on TV the following year in 2016, after the 2015 Christmas special. Benedict, whose latest projects include The Imitation Game and Hamlet, has previously spoken about the “phenomenal” script for the upcoming series. “I can’t give any plot […]

Epic Games sues Apple, Google over the removal of Fortnite from their respective app stores

“In 1984, the fledgeling Apple computer company released the Macintosh—the first mass-market, consumer-friendly home computer. The product launch was announced with a breathtaking advertisement evoking George Orwell’s 1984 that cast Apple as a beneficial, revolutionary force breaking IBM’s monopoly over the computing technology market.”

Zain Imam In Never Kiss Your Best Friend Lockdown Edition; Says He Couldn’t Say No When Approached!

The Ek Bhram-Sarvagun Sampanna actor revealed to the entertainment portal that he was approached for the first season as well, but due to dates issue, he couldn’t do it. But now, when makers approached him, he couldn’t say no. He added that he is excited to be a part of lockdown edition.

Best laptop under $500 of 2020 in stock from HP, Lenovo, Dell and more

I’m seeing a lot more Windows laptops in this range use AMD Athlon processors to hit the lower price. As much as I like AMD’s CPUs, I don’t really recommend going with an Athlon instead of a Ryzen. Windows is just too heavy for it.Solid-state drives can make a big difference in how fast Windows […]

Does Google really want third-party app stores on Android or are they a ‘necessary evil’?

Google also makes money by charging developers a 30% transaction fee whenever someone spends money in an app through Google’s payment process. If you buy an in-app purchase that costs one dollar, Google takes 30 cents. Google also makes it easy to use GoogleAds inside a free app, and even has a service that developers […]

‘Dating Advice’ With Author & Comedian: Debbie Sue Goodman

Dear Debbie Sue: “I’m dating a guy for a few months and thought he was relationship material. We have a lot in common. I like sports. We play basketball & go golfing together. He has a cell phone issue. He keeps looking at his phone while we’re out anywhere. While he’s at my apartment watching […]

George Best Hotel staff offered redundancy packages

A spokesperson for Signature Living said: “A relocation assistance package was offered to anyone who decided the take up this option, with a view to returning to Belfast once the George Best Hotel has a confirmed opening date.”

Victoria Beckham dresses up for date night with husband David after mocking his iconic photoshoot

Known as Posh Spice, David claims that prior to meeting Victoria at a charity football match, he had watched her music videos and commented to his teammates that he was attracted to her.

George Best Hotel goes into administration

“We are aware that there are a number of bedroom investors that have paid deposits, we will be contacting all investors at the earliest opportunity to confirm our appointment and gather further information.”