The best iPhone apps (July 2020)

Habitify The new year is a perfect time to try and set some new habits in stone. Whether it’s going to the gym, taking ten minutes out of your day to go for a walk, or just remembering to water the plants, Habitify excels in helping you to remember your new habits and helps them […]

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) vs G Suite: Which productivity suite is best for your business?

Exchange Online email hosting with a maximum inbox size of 50 or 100GB Web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook A minimum of 1TB of OneDrive for Business file storage per user SharePoint Online team sites HD video conferencing Online meetings (Skype Meeting Broadcast or Microsoft Teams live events) Secure messaging and collaboration (Microsoft […]

The best mileage apps for small businesses in 2020

Hurdlr Hurdlr, a business expenses and mileage tracker targeted to small business owners, self-employed people, independent contractors, freelancers, Uber or Lyft drivers, couriers, and others, offers a compendium of services to let you easily capture receipts and create expense reports. Hurdlr connects with banks, Uber, FreshBooks, Square, Stripe, and PayPal to import your income and […]

Karren Brady gives job advice from finding your voice at work to developing business ideas

Q. I have an idea for a dating app with a specific USP, and my next step is to ask a web developer to work on it and attempt to get funding to start up the business. My question is, how can I stop my idea from being stolen by someone I mention it to […]

Electric cars: five best buys, from new models to used bargains

Best secondhand model: Nissan Leaf Used Nissan Leafs are the bargains of the electric car world. On Auto Trader this week a 2011 model with 36,000 miles on the clock was going for less than £6,000. Older models have a real-life range of 75-85 miles – significantly less than the new cars above, but perfectly […]

Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Adds Eye Tracking to Your Gaming PC

Tobii equipped its newest eye tracker with a new “custom-built” optical biometric sensor that’s supposed to be faster and more responsive than Tobii’s Eye Tracker 4C. Tobii is promising latency improvements over its predecessor, as well as a greater field of view, which Tobii told Tom’s Hardware measures 40 x 40 degrees, compared to the […]

Get in shape and stay in shape with the best home gym deals for July 2020

Short commute — There’s no need to drive or take public transport to get to your home gym. Traffic won’t be an issue, and you won’t need to fit your schedule around a gym’s calendar and daily hours. Wear what you want — The hassle of wearing one outfit to the gym, switching into exercise […]

The best wireless mice you can buy

Other notables The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a close second to Razer’s Viper Ultimate among top-tier gaming mice. It’s similarly performant and ultra-light, with software that works on macOS. But we think the Viper Ultimate’s shape is more accommodating to different hand sizes, and Razer’s cable is much more flexible. Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 […]

HBO Max: Everything to know about HBO’s newer, bigger streaming app

The so-called Snyder cut of Justice League, slated to arrive on HBO Max in 2021The full sets of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix trilogies.The Lego movies.DC films like Joker, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Shazam, Aquaman and every Batman and Superman movie of the last 40 years.Studio Ghibli anime films that […]

Robots, drones and surveillance apps: The unexpected future of medicine

“When autonomous care and testing robots are used with patients and/or elderly people in the context of this pandemic consideration must be given to the potential impact upon privacy, human dignity and autonomy, and the possibility of technical and (false) emotional dependencies, that may be accentuated owing to the loneliness and other vulnerabilities generated by […]