The 15 best series to watch on Amazon Prime

13. One Tree Hill This vintage classic follows the lives of two teenagers fighting for the attention of their father. Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) fathered two sons with two different women and they are worlds apart, both in looks and in personality.

These Best-Selling Bluetooth Trackers Are 40% Off — Today Only!

Other smart Tile products include The Tile Mate, which comes with a keyring hole that makes it ideal for attaching to bags and keychains, and the Tile Pro, which has a 400-foot Bluetooth range (the longest in the series). We can’t guarantee you’ll never lose any of your belongings again, but with Tile’s handy trackers, […]

This is the best foldable phone concept we’ve seen so far

TCL is “looking at bringing the foldable price down”, which is part of the reason it has quite so many concept designs in the works. The company has previously pledged to bring an “affordable” foldable phone to market, but we’re yet to get a release date or any information on a launch.

‘Virtual’ doesn’t have to mean second best. Your remote team can outrun traditional ones

One of the many tips I’ll talk about during the webinar is the introduction of “Yodas” into your team—named for the wise Jedi master in Star Wars. These are people on your team who are assigned the role of “truth teller” in the remote meeting. When your meeting starts to feel bureaucratic, unproductive, or downright […]

All That Is by James Salter – review

Much more interesting and impressive is the richness of the social chronicling. The overarching story is Bowman’s, but the book has a wonderfully generous way with point of view, slipping fluidly from Bowman’s angle to that of innumerable secondary and tertiary characters – his publishing colleagues, his in-laws, his lovers (even as they betray him), his writer and […]

Sven Hassel obituary

While a prisoner, he started work on his first and best-known book, Legion of the Damned, which was published in Danish in 1953 and in English in 1957. Its success enabled him to recruit his wife as an editor and rewriter. Hassel fell victim to a rare paralysing disease from which he recovered fully after […]

My Meteorite by Harry Dodge review – reflections on touch and vulnerability

To the literary world, Harry Dodge is best known as the partner of Maggie Nelson. In her groundbreaking memoir The Argonauts, Nelson gives memorably powerful descriptions of Harry arguing about the limits of language, having gender reallocation surgery (when they met he was biologically female), enduring the process of his mother’s death and having a […]

Marriage à la mode

The absolute lack of concern for the feelings of children born from, and affected by, these emancipated relationships is a subject which Roiphe does not neglect; thought is also given to three unfortunate spouses who were sacrificed upon the altars of their partners’ searches: for heartfelt love (by Una Troubridge), for spiritual union (by Ottoline […]

Who are you calling mad?

The early chapters on the birth of the mental health professions are fascinating and addictive. It is astonishing to think that only a few hundred years ago, doctors did not imagine that their interaction with the patient had any effect or importance; neither did they regard anything the patient told them about their condition as […]

Top 10 Irish gothic novels

9. Nothing on Earth by Conor O’Callaghan (2017)For a while, it seemed the dark times were over – the Celtic Tiger was roaring and, for many, it felt time to leave the past behind (as if, somehow, it could be so easy). Then came the financial crash, and Ireland was transformed into a country of […]