The best Android apps (July 2020)

Documents, web, and email OfficeSuite It’s one of the most downloaded apps on the Play Store, and that’s for a very good reason. OfficeSuite is a full-featured alternative for Microsoft Office, and includes tools to view, edit, and create Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents, as well as including support for various PDF operations. It’s an […]

15 best wellness apps to download for summer 2020

14. Wakeout! Exercise is just as good for the mind as it is the body, but sometimes finding the time to workout can seem next to impossible. Luckily, Wakeout has you covered with a library of over 300 free exercises which can be done in 30-second chunks in the places where you spend most of […]

The 15 Best Mac Apps to Make Everyday Life Easier

The operating system on Apple’s computers and laptops, macOS, is stable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing (the upcoming Big Sur update is especially pretty and clean). But Apple doesn’t often listen to its customers, stubbornly refusing to add simple features that would make the platform even easier to use. Plus, stock Apple apps often lack a […]

7 best stargazing apps for spotting constellations in the night sky

Like SkySafari, you can tap Visible Tonight if you’re not sure where to start. The feature will tell you all upcoming astronomical events and celestial objects visible for your location. The What’s New section will also keep you posted on upcoming events. You can also view the astronomy calendar or tap the clock-face icon to […]

The best gardening apps for 2020

Gardenize Gardenize helps you keep track of all the plants in your garden and offers information on how to care for them, including location, crop rotation, and yearly tracking of plants and crops. You can keep notes and photos of your plants in a single place. A dynamic news feed gives you perspective on how […]

The best mileage apps for small businesses in 2020

SherpaShare SherpaShare bills itself as the ideal app for Uber or Lyft drivers, with a rideshare driver assistant that boosts earnings 30% or more. The app features automatic mileage tracking, expense tracking, and smart driver tools that help you plan the best routes. The app is for ridesharing drivers, delivery people, business travelers, and freelancers. […]

The best marketing apps for small businesses in 2020

Regardless of platform, apps are now instrumental in all types of marketing efforts. That’s fortunate, because apps are generally free or cheap, and the only investment you need to make is the time to use them to their advantage. Apps can provide rich, detailed information, insights on trends, customer responses to products or services, and […]

The best Android apps and games of the week: Spider-Man Unlimited and more

123D catch allows users to dynamically build 3D models simply by taking photos of an object or scene at various angles. Data from images are shot up to the cloud and processed there. It’s easy to think of this Autodesk app as a convex Photo Sphere, or a poor man’s Project Tango. Models can be […]

Best Android Apps for Your Chromebook 2020

Any video format: VLC Streaming services are great and all, but if you already have a library of content, then you’ll likely be watching it with VLC. This app has support for a slew of video formats, but you can also use it to listen to music or audiobooks. You will no longer need to […]

Apple just unveiled its picks of the best iPad and iPhone apps of the year – here they are

The final creativity app to be awarded actually is available on iPhones as well as iPads – Darkroom is a photo editing app which has been popular for a while. It’s not as complicated as Photoshop but that’s its charm, as anyone can easily turn their phone camera snaps into great-looking works of art by […]