With no fresh content, broadcasters rely on old classics, web shows to entertain viewers

MUMBAI: Confined to her home during the lockdown, Gwalior-based 37-year old Mansha Kasture is reliving childhood memories with her 8 year-old daughter, Mishika, watching Ramanand Sagar’s epic ‘Ramayana’ on DD National. Kasture is amongst the current generation of parents, who are introducing their kids to old iconic classics on Doordarshan channels during the lockdown period. […]

Coronavirus live updates: 10% of US jobs lost in 3 weeks

4:20 p.m. CDC unveils new guidelines for essential workers: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is introducing new guidelines aimed at allowing essential workers to return to work after exposure to a confirmed case of the coronavirus, CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said at a White House news conference. The guidance applies to essential […]

My favourite travel souvenir: readers’ tips

Seal it with a souvenir, Japan I began collecting goshuin (shrine/temple seals) to track my journey across Japan, but found they are also a great way to combat temple-fatigue (especially in Kyoto). Collected in an accordion-like goshuinchō (£10-15 from most shrines, temples and stationery stores), a goshuin (£3.50) is a red stamp, with either the […]

Harvey Weinstein rape trial is halted as sobbing accuser Jessica Mann suffers a panic attack after being hammered with questions from movie mogul’s lawyer about ‘best sex’ and ‘golden showers’ and revealing how she was abused as a child

‘Harvey was my father’s age and he gave me all the validation I needed. I think he liked me because in a way he couldn’t get me, and I didn’t take from him. I didn’t have an agenda other than my own wounds, playing out subconsciously,’ she wrote in that e-mail.  

Norwegian Wood by Lars Mytting & The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees by Robert Penn – review

Penn is at his best when he talks about the almost mystical balm of woodlands. After one bereavement, he describes how trees guided him “through the dark forest of loss”: “the meditative work of stacking timber and piling up brash had whittled away at my grief”. He writes beautifully about the “hair-raising, transcendent sense” of being among […]

My Parents Are Stuck In India While It’s On Lockdown. They’re Not The Only Ones.

There are — literally — thousands of other families like mine trying to get their relatives home. In India alone, as of April 1, there were an estimated 15,000 Canadians and more than 2,000 Americans stranded and trying to return home. The US State Department estimates they have repatriated more than 50,000 Americans globally thus […]

Coronavirus live updates: CDC traces one mildly sick person to 13 illnesses, 3 deaths

2:23 p.m. State DOJ agents seize N95, surgical masks in Alameda, San Mateo County raids: State agents confiscated an undisclosed number of N95 masks and surgical masks among other items Tuesday while executing two search warrants in Alameda County and one in San Mateo. Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office declined to say how many items […]

Tim Burgess on the power of listening to music ‘together, apart’

At Rockfield Studios [near Monmouth, Wales] there’s a sound, for the vocals especially, that I really wanted for this record. So I went there for the first time in 25 years. I invited Mark Collins over and he played and slept in the same room as he did 25 years ago!

Boris Becker claims diplomatic immunity to avoid bankruptcy charges

Boris Becker turns 50: His career in pictures Looking back with satisfaction Becker, seen here at the 2017 ATP Finals in London, refused to answer when asked by a reporter to say how he planned to celebrate his 50th birthday. “This is a private matter that I will not comment on,” he said. In a […]

Forced auction of tennis star Boris Becker’s items put on hold

Boris Becker turns 50: His career in pictures Surplus to requirements Djokovic and Becker formed a successful partnership, with the Serbian winning six Grand Slam titles under the German’s tutelage. It all fell apart in late 2016 though. Becker pointed to a lack of intensity in training as the reason for Djokovic’s dip in form. […]