Chinese scientists seeking potential COVID-19 treatment find “effective” antibodies

BEIJING: A team of Chinese scientists has isolated several antibodies that it says are “extremely effective” at blocking the ability of the new coronavirus to enter cells, which eventually could be helpful in treating or preventing COVID-19. There is currently no proven effective treatment for the disease, which originated in China and is spreading across […]

No Coronavirus cases in our premises: Isha Yoga Center

CHENNAI: The Isha Yoga center in Coimbatore on Wednesday said it has no Covid-19 positive cases. Being an establishment that receives several international visitors, the center said it moved swiftly to put directives in place even before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic and before the central and state governments announced lockdowns and […]

Best of IPL: Bowlers with the best economy rate over the years

Apart from the economics of money that is such a key part of the event, there is another economy that matters a lot in the IPL. The economy of bowlers is the single most important statistic which is looked at by teams along with the strike rate of batsmen. It is rare to get bowlers […]

Qatar World Cup timing decision put back to early 2015

“I am sure that the government of Qatar is co-operating positively in that sense. The best thing the World Cup is doing now is trying to improve the working conditions in Qatar. If it wasn’t for the World Cup I’m not sure we would have heard of this issue.”

World Cup 2006: part one

It’s an impressive line-up, to be sure, Daniel – and most of them pull off the Jesus Christ look superbly – but for truly outrageous hairstyles you need to don your flares and platforms and head to the 1970s. “I can only assume that Daniel Tunnard is too young to recall the 1974 World Cup […]

Asia may have been right about coronavirus and face masks, and the rest of the world is coming around

Dermot Hickey, left, and Phillip Vega ask a pedestrian in New York to take their picture on a thinly trafficked Fifth Avenue on March 17. Many streets across the world are much more bare as people distance themselves from others. In the United States, the White House advised people not to gather in groups of […]

‘Virtual’ doesn’t have to mean second best. Your remote team can outrun traditional ones

Our research shows that virtual teams, like traditional ones, can only succeed if all the members of the team—from the leadership to the most junior member—feel like they can be candid. People need to feel empowered to speak openly in service of the team and its mission and each other—even when its risky to do so. […]

‘Morning Joe’ Panel Says Trump Squandered Economic Wins With Harsh Treatment Of McCain

“That’s the incomprehensible thing about this president. Yesterday he had great economic news,” Kay replied. “The NASDAQ went through 8,000 for the first time. The S&P index as well, breaking records. Make that the story of your day, rather than the fact of the way you mishandled and bungled the McCain situation and the flag, […]

COVID-19: Musician, Sammie Cross preaches herbal treatment

According to the Ooni, the following herbs are potent enough to heal anyone down with the virus: Boundary tree leaves (Botanical name- Newbouldia laevis, Yoruba – Ewe Akoko),  Neem leave and fruits or Indian lilac (Botanical – Azadirachta indica, Yoruba- ewe dogoyaro), onion (Botanical name – Allium cepa; Yoruba – Alubosa), forest anchomanes (Botanical name […]

Mike Colter, Danny Trejo, and Seis Manos Cast Do Their Best Anime Impressions

— VIZ @ Seis Manos 👊 (@VIZMedia) October 3, 2019 The video begins with each of the stars warming up their voices to channel their inner anime. From the very beginning, the group is testing with a Sailor Moon quote, and Anglica Vale nails her take on Serena. Even Vic Chao manages to get the […]