Millennial Money: Is moving now your best financial move?

Long-term job security is also a factor in planning a move or buying a home. You can’t predict the future, but do have a backup plan if you move to a city with fewer job prospects, Johannessen advises. Ask yourself what other jobs you could find in the new location if you were to lose […]

How USPS Pandemonium Threatens Indie Musicians and Labels

Furthermore, Arrowhawk has had to cover unexpected costs due to damages that have started to occur in transit. Even though the company recently switched to higher-grade mailers, which are bigger and have more padding, DeHayes says they’ve had more damages to vinyl this summer than at any other point in the label’s seven-year history. “Every […]

Why Nigeria should reclaim its position in palm oil production

Significant amounts of palm oil exports to Europe are converted to biodiesel (as of early 2018: Indonesia: 40%, Malaysia 30%). In 2014, almost half of all the palm oil in Europe was burnt as car and truck fuel. As of 2018, one-half of Europe’s palm oil imports were used for biodiesel. Use of palm oil […]

GM-Nikola partnership will create a formidable challenge for Tesla

By Brooke SutherlandIf you want something done right, do it yourself. If you are an old-school manufacturer and want credit from investors for innovation, make sure someone else’s name is attached. General Motors Co. on Tuesday announced a strategic partnership with Nikola Corp. that will give it a $2 billion equity stake in the electric-vehicle […]

Re: Alleged violation of public trust against NEMA by Reps committee on emergency, disaster preparedness

Following this kick off, His Excellency the Acting President, invited all National Assembly Members from the North East and their Governors for a meeting on 16th June 2017. This consultative engagement was to get their inputs on the programme implementation. It was agreed that the members of National Assembly will also nominate their representatives as […]

Introducing Warhammer 40k to comic readers with Batman: Year One-style take on the iconic Marneus Calgar

When I got back into painting circa 2003, I collected a Necron army. When I got back into painting again around 2008-2009, I started by playing Fantasy, finally collecting the Skaven horde I’ve wanted to since I was a teen, before including 40k again, coming in via the Horus Heresy. I painted Sons of Horus, […]

The man who made Mercedes Benz the top selling luxury car maker in India

Mercedes-Benz, Roland Folger has a valid complaint. Since 2015, when the 58-year-old took over the company’s India reins and shifted to Pune, he has been denied the pleasure of driving. “As a company policy, I am not allowed to drive here.” The rationale being that poor discipline on Indian roads can be difficult to deal […]